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Wood jewelry

With ‘organic’ becoming a popular choice in diet and health, organic fashion is something new that is being welcomed with open arms. Earlier jewelry was equivalent only to fine jewelry. But now people are bringing in new entrants in the world of jewelry such as beaded jewelry, feather, horn and bone that fine jewelry is comfortable in the back seat.
Wood jewelry is a great option for people who are allergic or are super sensitive to metals. Being 100% organic, it has a natural aesthetic appeal and looks rustic. It can be carved and chiseled into beautiful designs because of its relative malleability. It comes in a variety of tones and densities and can be beautified more by adorning with paints or hand carvings. Keep all your gold, platinum and silver jewelry on one side and your wooden pieces on the other. It has a subtle appeal and a unique appearance. Because of its easy availability, it costs less. Then what do you pay for when you buy wood jewelry? You pay for the craftsmanship. The detailing done on wood jewelry and the artistry, you solely pay for that.

Wood jewelry just like any other jewelry requires your care and love. Enhance your room by hanging your wooden necklaces on your wall. Your whole room would exude an earthy aura. While cleaning it, do not keep it immersed in water for too long as it will damage the wood.

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