Reasons to Go Custom

Following trends is not your thing? When your friends swoon over the latest designer collection, you find yourself scrunching your nose? It’s like you are in a different beat altogether. If all this sounds familiar, then it is time for you to go custom.

Custom jewelry

Some of the other reasons why you should go custom are:

  • Quality- That day when walking by that Jewelry Store, you saw a really beautiful ring. But the only thing that was bothering you was the white gold used. You think that had it been in rose gold, you would have bought it there and then. When you undergo customization, you get to decide the quality of the material to be used. Quality is in details and customization allows you to determine the quality.
  • Customer service When you decide to go custom, you get to experience client focused customer service. They listen to your ideas and turn your blurry vision into a piece of art. They work on your piece until you are satisfied. YOU are their ultimate priority. 
  • No compromises You get fined tuned detail from the moment the idea was conceived. You get to decide what detailing needs to go on the piece, the gemstone to be used and the metal to be used. You do not have to settle or compromise with anything.
  • Uniqueness You do not want what everyone has and you do not want others to have what you have. When you go custom, your piece of jewelry is unique because the piece is wholly and solely crafted for you. You get to be creative and you can get to try unusual combinations. With customization comes individuality. 
  • Controls the budget– Imagine this scenario- you saw this 24 carat ring the other day and you cannot take your mind off and your budget doesn’t allow you to splurge on a 24 carat ring. You like the detailed work and the fit, everything is great and you wonder only if you could have the exact piece but in 10 carat. Customization allows you to have just that. You have the power to control the budget. When you buy customized jewelry, you pay for the craftsmanship. Unlike in mass produced jewelry, when millions of pieces are manufactured in machines, customized jewelry is made with precision. Custom jewelry is tailored according to your preference.
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