Who to Follow – For Make-Up, Hair Fashion, Skincare Guide and Tips?

Everyone out there is a social media addict and we have our share of favorite websites, you-tubers, bloggers that we like to follow. We love their style and are always interested in what they have to say.
a-1-kaushal-beauty-who-to-follow-make-up-guide-jpgMost of the jewellery bloggers talk about silver jewellery and some like to ponder elsewhere. The more popular are ones who talk about hair, skin and make-up which can then be highlighted with costume jewellery.

Here is a list of the top bloggers and you-tubers in the field of hair, make-up and skin-care that you should follow no matter what:

A – Who to Follow For Make-Up Guide:

Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal Beauty - Who to Follow Make-Up Guide

This 27 year old UK based Gujarati blogger is your fairy godmother, if you need help getting ready for a wedding function or a party. She does the perfect shade combinations and helps you get the perfect subtle, not so loud yet fashionable look.

She Has:

65,516 Facebook Likes
29,700 Twitter Followers
454 K Instagram Followers
1,299,613 YouTube Subscribers


Scherezade Shroff

was one of the first Indian beauty blogger who has a very subtle approach to make-up. Her videos are not very elaborate and thus, are easy to do. She believes that less is more and thus goes for the minimal approach to make-up and skincare routines.

She Has:

5,78,164 Facebook Likes
53,800 Twitter Followers
13.1 Million Instagram Followers


B – Who to Follow For Hair Fashion Guide:

Kayley Melissa

She is your inspiration if you have a never ending love for braids. She does the most amazing braided hair tutorials from waterfalls to breezy ponytails even.  Her social media is a mix of braids (more in number), vintage faux bobs and beachy waves.

She Has:

89,161 Facebook Likes
14,000 Twitter Followers
72,300 Instagram Followers
10,08,200 YouTube Subscribers


Christina Butcher

She’ll even help you make peace with your curls. These are easy to do and quick fixes to a bad hair day with a feature of braids and buns. She introduces herself as a normal person who is not a trained hairstylist and believes that if she can do it, then so can you.

She Has:

52,124 Facebook Likes
8,104 Twitter Followers
58,200 Instagram Followers
8,133 YouTube Subscribers


Guy Tang

He is a god when it comes to the coolest and the most uber stylish hair colors possible. He is a hairstylist who does DIY hair coloring tutorials which if you can’t follow will become your style inspiration. From ombré to rainbow hair to denim shades, he makes bizarre ideas look hot and happening.

He Has:

8,13,580 Facebook Likes
33,600 Twitter Followers
1.3 Million Instagram Followers
10,53,954 YouTube Subscribers



C – Who to Follow For Skincare Guide:

Coco Park

She does a detailed translated blog where she introduces Korean skin care products and regimes that are bound to make your skin flawless. She gives detailed descriptions and even provides links so that you can easily buy those products.

She Has:

1,635 Facebook Likes
807 Twitter Followers


Ishika Sachdev

This is a place where you get everything. DIY face scrubs, hair care, nutritional tips and even fitness ideas that will make your skin better. Her biggest tip is mindful eating and making your skincare regime absolutely tight and follow it with utmost dedication for full results

She Has:

4,751 Facebook Likes
139 Twitter Followers
1,624 Instagram Followers
2,948 YouTube Subscribers



3. Paula’s Begoun

She analyses, cross-references and investigates every claim she makes when it comes to skin care products. She has the most reliable list of products on the internet, they are tried and tested. You can follow her regime blindly and look perfect as your skin glows.

She Has:

1,80,186 Facebook Likes
17,100 Twitter Followers
31,600 Instagram Followers
27,696 YouTube Subscribers


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