What to wear with Statement Necklaces?


We have already seen a lot of statement necklaces doing the rounds this year. Be it celebrities or fashion enthusiasts, we see a lot of slender necks adorning the statement necklace. While, styling a statement necklace can be as easy as a breeze, the novices may find it challenging. A quick tip would be to keep a good balance between your outfit and the accessories. If you’re going overboard with the accessories, keep the outfit simple and vice-a-versa.
Following are some simple and quick tips to keep in mind while creating outfits around statement necklaces:

  • Go for solid tones. Want your statement necklace to do the talking? Keep the outfit, especially the upper half, simple to let the necklace be the focus. It also helps in creating a mono focus outfit which makes it easy on the eye yet chic.
  • Keep the other accessories understated. Avoid wearing other statement making pieces with your statement necklace. For example, skip the earring when wearing a chunky necklace, it looks really awkward and out of place, opt for simple studs if you want to wear the earrings.
  • Don’t create competition for the necklace. You want to wear your vibrant floral top? Avoid wearing a statement necklace, as the necklace will compete for attention with the top and will really bring down the whole look. Opt for a subtle print, instead.

You can buy trendy statement necklaces from various online jewelry shopping stores. Online shopping has made buying trendy things a lot easier and more convenient.

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