What to wear with Cocktail Rings?


Rings are no more the most ignored piece of jewelry. Rings have gradually taken the center stage and become of-the-moment accessory. Cocktail rings are a huge rage this season as well. A cocktail ring typically features a huge center stone surrounded by smaller stones. You can buy cocktail rings in fine jewelry or buy, the more affordable fashion jewelry versions. A lot of stores sell Discount Fashion Jewelry For Women, they’re always a good place to buy unique and affordable jewelry.

While, a cocktail ring is a small piece of jewelry but it surely needs the right styling for maximum effect.

Following are some tips that might help you wear the cocktail ring in a better way:

  • If you’re wearing a cocktail ring, wear an understated bracelet or you can skip it all together to let the ring be the focus of your beautiful hand. Also, avoid wearing other rings.
  • Do not match the cocktail ring to your outfit. Wear the ring against contrasting colors for it to really stand out against your outfit.
  • An interesting option would be to wear a complementing nail paint on your nails, it will add a visual appeal to the whole cocktail ring look.
  • Cocktail rings look great when paired with cocktail dresses. Pair it with a solid toned dress to accent the grace of your look.

Let that vibrant stone sparkle on your finger as you hold onto a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

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