What is Sterling Silver Jewellery ?

Silver in its original form, is too soft so it is mixed with other metals, to make it strong enough to caste jewelry and is known as sterling silver. It consists of 92.5 silver and 7.5 some other metals (usually copper).

sterling silver pendant How to spot fake sterling silver

Value for money When purchasing sterling silver, you pay for the craftsmanship and not the weight. Because of the constant change in fashion, people don’t mind spending money on silver. Silver is cheaper because it is mined more often, unlike gold. Repairing silver is also very economical. Silver chain or silver earrings can simply also mean Jewelry plated in silver tone.

How to spot fake sterling silver? Rub a soft cotton cloth on your jewelry. If you get black marks on the cloth, then that means that your jewelry is sterling silver. Another way is to do the magnet test. No, a fridge magnet will not do. Get a strong magnet and take it near your piece. If it clings onto the magnet then it is not real. If it does not move in the direction of the magnet then it is. Go and test it. Fingers crossed! Blingstation is an online jewelry shopping website where you can buy Designer Pendants and rings in sterling silver.

Taking care of silver jewelry How to clean sterling silver How to store sterling silver

How to clean sterling silver? You must have read at a lot of places that toothpaste is used to clean Sterling Silver. Never use toothpaste to clean sterling silver. It is used for tooth enamel, the hardest substance in a person’s body. So imagine how coarse it would be on your jewelry? As much as wearing it will help you avoid tarnish, wearing it to the wrong places will also tarnish it faster. Don’t wear it in the shower, hot tub, to the gym or swimming pools. The high chlorine content and the minerals will oxidize the silver. Every sterling silver piece will tarnish over time and it will happen a lot faster when it comes into contact with perfumes, hairsprays, skin creams and lotions.

How to store sterling silver? Store it in a cool and dry place. To avoid scratches, keep all your silver pieces separately. Put in a piece of white chalk and lock all your silver baubles in a plastic zip bag. To keep humidity levels low, you can also add silica gel.

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