What is Fashion Jewelry?

Why all the sudden craze about fashion jewelry? What exactly does fashion jewelry mean?

Fashion jewelry is nothing but fancy jewelry made with inexpensive materials. When I say fancy, what I really mean is that these pieces of jewelry change as and when new trends emerge. Fashion jewelry imitates the look of fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is made using precious stones and metals. In the earlier times, this kind of jewelry was famous by the name ‘costume jewelry’ because people wore them with their costumes. So, the jewelry worn with everyday costumes came to be known as costume jewelry.

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Costume jewelry became popular in 1930s. During that era, women possessed jewelry passed down from their mothers and grandmothers as heirlooms. Pearls, diamonds and precious stoned jewelry are timeless classics. But wearing them every day was not feasible. Being such valuable pieces, there was always a risk of damage due to loss or theft. This is when the idea of making faux jewelry came in style. Faux jewelry is made using inexpensive gemstones, high end crystals and semi precious stones. The main reason why costume jewelry became popular was because of their versatility and affordability.

Fashion jewelry

Fashion Jewelry is based on current trends. Since they change with change in style and fashion, people do not mind spending money on fashion jewelry. In costume jewelry, the base metal that is usually used is brass and German silver. Fashion or costume jewelry is dull and do not have that natural shine. Therefore they are plated in gold or silver tone so that they look somewhat like actual gold or silver. They not only help people stay updated with the current fashion trend but make them look incredibly glamorous. Just like any other jewelry, fashion jewelry needs your care. Keep it in a zip lock pouch to prevent it from moisture. Store it in a separate pouch as it can get scratches when it comes in contact with other pieces of jewelry.

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