What and how to throw fun party for this exciting festival? Confused!

Finally March is here and our favorite festival is around the corner, HOLI! Yes, I know you love colors and so do I. This is the time for us to play with those vibrant colors and make this Holi as a remarkable one, so tighten your shoes and get started we do not have much time for the festival to knock on our door, this festival is basically all about colors. It is the right time to convey the message of love, trust and brotherhood and at the same time, the time for strengthening the bond of love & friendship. People say that on Holi we should forget fighting and get along the people we think are our enemies! Wow that is a big word though but yes, people do have jealousy over something and are angry over something so this is the time that you forget about these things and learn to celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm and charm. If you are planning to play host this Holi, there is no need for stress. Well, it is a good option to host a party rather than sitting at home and watching television, we do it quite often so try something different this time so all you need is a little planning and a few easy tips to ensure your guests and you have a great time together. Check out how you can have a great time together!

Add some exciting food menu to your party! After playing Holi for hours, one works up a huge appetite. Keep the theme Indian, because let us face it; people would not be keen on navigating through a bowl of pasta after celebrating a quintessentially Indian festival! Biryani, chole bhature, pav bhaji, chaat and paneer tikka would definitely make people drool! Keep serving finger food throughout the party. Hire a caterer and ask him to serve food that can be easily eaten with a tooth pick.

Holi is the festival of colors but make sure to use organic colors that don’t ruin the skin. In order to do so take care enough for your dear ones, please let them enjoy the colors of Holi with nontoxic, natural Colors made from rice flour with natural ingredients which are completely biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic, allergy-free and provide the maximum color brilliance. Some of the available colors which are like, Blue Lagoon, Pink Bikini, Sunrise Yellow, Violet Secre Juicy Orange or Green Planet looks astounding while playing.
Holi without “Bhang”? Not possible. So, unless you have had at least a glass of bhang-laced thandai, you have not really enjoyed Holi in its true spirit. For those who would rather stay away, keep circulating glasses of virgin thandai, mocktails, lemonade and soft drinks through the party. Be in the true spirit of Holi!

Don’t forget to grove on a peppy music; Add a karaoke machine to your music system. Why just listen to Holi songs, when you can sing them as well? After all, we all know their lyrics far too well, don’t we?

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