Wake up and make up, No!

How many of us just get up, dress up and rush to the washroom. Well, many of us move out of the bed and instantaneous rush out and get ready. We keep hitting the snooze button on and off , Do you also hit the snooze button countless times before finally dragging yourself out of bed, or grab your phone from your nightstand and immediately scroll through every social media app for half an hour? Do you sleep in as late as you can and then rush to get ready, or wake up early to eat breakfast and zone out? Which of those things are good, bad, or in between as far as setting yourself up for success? Everyone has their own, unique morning routine but if you look at the mornings of some of the most successful people in any industry, there are definitely some common threads. So here are some tips or you can say advice I would like to offer you so that you have a refreshing morning.

Create a routine and keep it simple, if your morning routine is basically the same every day, you’ll go through it quickly and efficiently, and free up your mind for other things. If the routine which you have decided is right for you then it will definitely be a good morning and a healthy day.

Meditation also offers some amusing benefits to your body, with all of the distractions and technology begging for your attention from the second you wake up, taking even just five minutes to isolate and meditate can make all the difference in the world.

Show gratitude, rather than wake up and immediately start thinking about everything you have to do, or yesterday’s stresses, think about what you have to be grateful for — even if it’s as small as being grateful that your favorite cereal is stocked in your kitchen.

Try to wake up early, it can be very tempting to wake up at the last possible minute before you absolutely must start getting ready, but you’ll get more out of your morning if you wake up early. Even if it is super hard to take that first step out of bed and even self-proclaimed night owls can benefit from getting an early start to the day!

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