Dussehra Celebrations

Vijayadashmi, popularly known as Dussehra Festival in India, is celebrated 20days prior to Diwali, every year with great joy. Vijayadashmi Festival celebration depicts the triumph of Good over Evil. The name Dussehra suggests the very meaning, “The Tenth Day”. Vijayadashmi is the day when Ravana was killed by Lord Rama.

During the Dussehra celebration the ‘Ramleela’ play is a requisite for devotees and people. Ramleela is a play that narrates the complete story of Lord Rama and Sita, wherein the performers are all dressed up with the required costumes and heavy ancient-traditional Jewelry to do justice to their mighty roles in the play. Bhajans, songs, music and different cultural programmes are also a part of Vijayadashmi festival at different places of India. The complete gesture of celebrating Dussehra inspires peace and love. On the day of Dussehra, big size effigies of Ravana stuffed with fireworks are raised at mela grounds in different cities. Ramleela performer who plays role of Rama, sets fire to them, this tradition is popularly known as ‘Ravan Dahan’.

Navratri Outfits & Jewelry

Showcase your best, during Dandiya this Navratri with the clothes that can easily be sourced from your own wardrobe. Get the “Groove” on!!


Navratri Festival Season Fashion

Navratri is here and we are sure that you are all muddled-up, trying to figure out your Dandiya outfit for that extravagant event. So shall it be Mirror-work ghagras anda blushing Desi gaon-ki-gori appearance to nail “the look”?! Certainly not!! Get rid of the stereotype and do away with the Bright and glittery outfits this Navratri season. We pen down a few

style tips for you to get the contemporary Dandiya look-

1. Play with trending & festive colors like orange and lime green.
2. Try distinct capes & drapes with a dupatta.

3. Dhoti pants and palazzos should surely top your must-have list.
4. Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize. Overdose on Imitation Jewelry or antique silver jewelery, as Silver is synonymous to festivity and tradition.
5. Keeping in mind the humid temperature, keep your hair tidy.

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