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Color blocking is actually a revived fashion trend. It means pairing brightly colored separates together or wearing an already color blocked outfit. It is about teaming contrasting and ideally complementary colors.

Color wheel Trendspotting : Color Blocking Fashion Guide Tips

When color blocking, remember to go loud and proud. Dull middle toned colors do not look as great when color blocked. It should however remain within the same sentiment or the same color family like when paring neons, pair only neons, pastel with pastel and jewel tones with jewel tones. Also, keep in mind the tone. Avoid pairing warm tone and cool tone.

complements Fashion Guide Tips

If you are far too inhibited about mixing colors then a color wheel is your savior. Use a color wheel to find out the complementary colors, analogous colors or triad colors.

Complementary colors are colors that enhance and complement each other. In the color wheel, the colors which are opposite to each other are complementary. Examples- purple and yellow, blue and orange and so on.

Complementary colors Fashion Guide Tips

Analogous colors are colors that fall close to each other in the color wheel. They are usually picked in three’s or two’s, with one color being dominant. May it be a primary color or a secondary color. Examples- Orange, yellow-orange, yellow, red and orange, blue and green etc.

Analogous colors Fashion Guide Tips

Triad colors– When color blocking, make sure that the maximum number of colors to use is three. If you are going with three colors then you can follow the triad color scheme. It means pairing colors that are evenly spaced in the color wheel. Examples- Purple, orange and green.

Keep accessories and your footwear in neutral because the colors are already very overwhelming.

For beginners- Combine two different shades together. Like lilac and plum, blush pink and fuchsia and so on. A neutral tee with bold colored pants or a pencil skirt paired with a contrasting blazer looks on point. Incorporating neutrals is a good way to start this trend as neutrals help to tone down a bit.

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