Top Make-Up Brands You Need – Beauty Guide

If you are someone who needs to have her make-up on point before you step out then it is extremely important that you use high quality products.
High quality means highly priced, so if you are someone who has a tight budget you can still buy these brands but maybe not a lot. Don’t worry we shall do a list of affordable ones as well.

So here is a list of top quality make-up brands that will help you look perfect everyday and help increase the beauty as you combine your imitation jewelry with it.

Here are Top Make-Up Brands of the World –

1. Mary Kay


A trained group of beauty consultants work in this company and give you the best advice when it comes to their beauty products if you are to walk into their store.

They have some of the best products like vibrant lip shades and a variety of tones of foundations. It is a not so pricy company from their products ranging from$24 and more.


2. L’Oreal


This is one of the largest and popular cosmetics company. We are sure that you already own products from this brand and if you don’t, it is high time that you did. The variety is huge and all their products are tested and of great quality.

The price is not that high and this will give a look which will bring out the glow being added by your imitation jewellery even more.


3. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics - Top Make-Up Brands You Need

If you are a make-up fanatic, then you know, love and live with this brand. MAC is the most trusted cosmetic brand in the world.

When this company began it catered to make-up artists majorly as the products where expensive but now it is being used by everyone at the same price. Even though it’s highly priced, the quality makes up for the price by a huge margin.


4. Artistry

Artistry Cosmetics - Top Make-Up Brands You Need

This is the only direct sales brand and the costliest products when it comes to skin care. They are said to use unusual fruits from Africa and plants from the Mediterranean to make these products.

Their Make- up products are limited but you going to need to take care of that skin after all that make-up you put on it. These products work like magic and are worth the cost that they have.

Artistry is a long run investment that saves you from buying cheaper products again and again with no improvement in your skin at all.


5. Oriflame

Oriflame Cosmetics- Top Make-Up Brands You Need

Oriflame is a high-quality, high variety and highly famous brand when it comes to cosmetics, skin care, body care, you name it, they have it. They have products with a variety of prices. From cheap to expensive products, the price does not hamper the high-quality of their products.

If you want your skin to look amazing and your make-up to highlight that perfect outfit accompanied by imitation jewelry then this is your best option.  Their products are available all over the world and have set their mark in both men and women cosmetics and body care.


6. Smashbox

Smashbox Cosmetics - Top Make-Up Brands You Need

This brand was acquired by the famous brand Estee Lauder which is just too expensive for us to even include in this list. This brand has grown heaps and bounds and is still growing.

With moderately priced products, they focus on lipstick and eye products. Some of their products are expensive because of the special oil they use in their products.

They recently launched 3 in 1 mascara which is a dream come true. They collaborate with celebrities to make signature colors as well. The most recent is their collaboration with YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, aka, Superwoman to create the perfect red lip color and has become a hot seller.

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