Top 5 jewelry trends for the season!

Jewelries are something that is always in trend; from colorful gemstone to unblemished pearls women love any blingstationnewand every kind of jewelry. So whether you are looking for an update to your collection of jewelry or you just want to try a different look than your usual style there are certain accessories that are must for the season and you just cannot miss any one of them if you are in love with these little pieces of art.

Let’s take a glimpse into the trends of jewelry and where the currents are likely to take them next.

Crystals: Crystal is one of the statement necklace, crystals symbolizes love or care or protection and is something which is always in trend. Our Bollywood divas also love dressing themselves with crystal jewelry and no doubt these accessories make them look tantalizing. Pair it up with your party one pieces or your ethnic wear, I am sure they are good to go with any of these two.

Gold Structured Jewelry: This is one of my personal favorite and is something that is trend now days. Also make a bold statement by giving that charming look to your personality. This gold has become one of the notable palettes in the fashion industry. You can simply slip in these accessories with any attire and you will a look which you might fall in love with yourself!

Chains: Chains were not in trend earlier but now this is what’s in, the current trend! This is a type of accessory which you can customize yourself and feel like one of the jewelry designer yourself because there a different shapes sizes and color of the chain. So, there are a lot of possibilities that even if you just tangle them around your neck it would give others a fashion statement.

Ear Cuffs: Yes, they are still in trend and I suppose they will remain in trend for long now. There are humongous ranges of ear cuffs nowadays where every woman tend to get confused which one to buy. But I assure you buy any of the designs you will look fashionable because this is a piece of art that won’t look bad on any one.

Hoops: Hoops are something that never grows old. It’s like taking a piece of a chain, forming it into a hoop and decorating it to make new pieces of jewelry. It just appears in geometric forms. Also one can pair them up with ethnic or with their day to day attire.

So, these are just some of the latest trending jewelry for the season there is a lot more in the book where we will keep turning the pages and keep you updated with the latest fashion trends in jewelry.

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