Best Tips to Care for Jewellery


The admiration for jewellery keeps increasing as and when the new designs of it are accomplished. And the fondness as well as the excitement for wearing the new pieces in particular is more. We may not be purchasing jewelry every now and then but we definitely cannot do without it even a single day. And even if our earrings or bangles have become old, though we might not even wear them, we do not throw them away because we have always shared a deep relation with our ornaments. But the happy news is that the beauty and shine of these can be restored. Maintaining and caring for these pieces of jewellery can become very easy with simple tips.


Gold ornaments do not tarnish or degrade but they may become less shiny with use. Gold pieces should be stored separately or they can be wrapped in soft clothes to prevent from getting tangled or scratched. Gold jewellery must not be exposed to chemicals as these may discolor the precious metal. It should also be checked by jeweler on an annual basis to identify and fix any loose parts.

As the composition of sterling silver consists of other metals too, it can react easily with the environment and, therefore, it can become tarnished. Sterling silver jewelry should always be cleaned after use. It can be wiped easily with a cotton cloth by rubbing it gently. Care should be taken to not rub it hard because doing so can cause scratches on the soft metal. If any dips are being used then items with stones must be cleaned carefully as the silver dips can remove the color and polish of the stones along with the tarnished layers.

One always feels fabulous when dressing up with fashion jewellery. It can be kept fresh and beautiful forever by caring for it properly. Since fashion jewelry pieces are worn much frequently and even on a daily basis, it must be kept away from water as well as chemicals while doing household work or any other activities. Most importantly, they should be worn after the clothes have been put to prevent the jewels from getting scratched.

Metal jewellery, especially the one made with brass is gaining much popularity. To maintain its impressive shine for a long period of time, it can be cleaned easily at home. It should be rinsed with hot water and the dirt can be scrubbed away from it with a soft toothbrush. It should be kept in air-tight containers and must not be washed very frequently.

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