Tips for a Fashion Newbie

Illustration Tips for a Fashion Newbie

Are you thinking to create a new wardrobe without breaking your bank? Fashion isn’t about blindly following trends and wearing anything and everything. It is about knowing what you are and what you like. Being aware and confident about expressing yourself. So if you have opened a post that reads- ‘Tips for a fashion newbie’, you consider yourself a novice at this and need help. So sprinkled in this post are some of the tips that will help you how to build a new wardrobe altogether.

  • Observe- The first and foremost thing is to observe. Take inspiration on your way to work, the women who just boarded the train. If someone has worn something that you’ve always shied away from wearing, take inspiration as to how you can nail that trend. If you have got those colored pants tucked away somewhere just because you did not know what color would go with it, then it’s time for you to become observant and take inspiration from all around.
  • Imitate- Spotted some cool chic way to wear that plaid shirt. Go ahead and imitate that look. If you have seen that plaid shirt over skinnies then you team up with boyfriend jeans. Imitate but bring a uniqueness of your own.
  • Create- Familiar with the 80/20 rule? Do you know that out of 80% of your clothes, there are only 20% of them that you wear most of the time. That 20% includes those items that you go back to, every time you open your closet. Take note of what you commonly find yourself going back to or have in your pinterest boards? Do you view striped t-shirts? Love pencil skirts? Don’t go frantic shopping for things that look good on others. Know what is your style and then create a signature look.

Simple outfits Tips for a Fashion Newbie

  • Use staples differently– A simple v-neck white t-shirt with a proper fit denims and a great pair of pumps and you are ready for a casual day. That same v-neck white t-shirt combined with distressed denims and a blazer and you just created a new outfit altogether. Do you see how this staple item has been used differently?

When you are creating a new fashion wardrobe, never regret in investing in versatile pieces. A versatile piece can help you remix your entire wardrobe and you can use that same piece in creating multiple outfits. Keep your fit and the hem in mind. Any top past your mid butt looks frumpy. Got a dress in that print that you think would look much better if it had been on a top? Then go to your tailor or customize at home. Your main aim should be to turn that 20% into a larger percentage so that you only have those items that you wear most of the time.

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