Time for Some Geometry

Geometric Jewelry online Store in India

In school, all we knew was Geometry equals shapes and degrees of angles. And we thought that was it. But when it comes to fashion, geometry is a huge statement. Now that the whole craze of going minimal is all around, geometric trend is something that is being loved by everyone. Spotting these geometric shapes in jewelry has made me grow fonder towards geometry and geometric patterns. (Yes, I loved geometry in school).

Geometric Jewelry is chic and bold. There is something about them. They are distinct and looks unique. Like a lot of thought has gone into making that dainty little piece. It is fun to see how these basic shapes can make a fashion statement. Ordinary patterns and shapes clubbed together to make the prettiest of jewelries. The angle, the degree everything is kept into consideration. Geometric jewelry adds depth and dimension to any outfit. They are funky and edgy. They are bringing back the ‘less is more’ trend.

These can be worn almost everyday and with everything. They look as great on white tees as they would do on evening dresses. They are feminine and urban. Geometric jewelry is best suited on gold metallic pieces. Gold is the ultimate way to look chic. They look gracious and trendy. Every geometric piece of jewelry looks offbeat and always makes statement. Here are some of my personal favorites:

 Geometric Jewelry online Store in India

  • The striped collar pins just add that extra glam factor to a white button down shirt.

Geometric Jewelry online Store in India

  • These long triangle earrings look feminine and when worn with maxi dresses gives out a whole bohemian vibe.
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