This Women’s Day… Let’s Celebrate Every Woman!


Every woman is special in her own little way!

The woman of today is multifaceted and versatile. She handles everything from home to work. She’s confident enough to follow the path of her dreams. She not only understands her responsibilities, but fulfills them too.

Women have proved themselves time and again! Here are some inspiring stories about modern women.

She is a WOMAN…

Woman is made great in gentleness
Woman is tender and soft in her acts
Woman speaks with deep sincerities
Woman expresses herself in kind ways

Woman assures everything is alright when it is not
Woman stands for her poise though there is doubt
Woman loves passionately like there is no end to it
Woman comforts even when a situation turns worst

Woman always stood for her precious
Woman always choose to be generous
Woman never point fingers at her betrayer
Woman never says no to a pleading stranger

She is a woman who remains anonymous
She is a woman who is indeed magnanimous!

Jeline Loh

Poem Source – Poem hunter

So, each one of you is special, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Keep it Blingy!

Team Blingstation

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