Things You Must Know About Floral Jewelry!

image001Flower jewelry is mostly seen on mehendi function where brides wear charming floral jewelry while getting there mehendi made! Now day’s floral jewelry has gone to a whole new level, we see a lot of bride to be wearing such jewelries on their mehendi functions. Basically this floral jewelry started from white flowers but now there is different color flowers used in the making of the jewelry. Some floral jewelry is made for a day which is made out of other flowers and some jewelry are made to wear for a longer period of time which is made out of flowers which stay for longer time.

These jewelries are also seen in haldi functions where bride to be always flaunts these jewelries with her haldi face! Things you must keep in mind about floral jewelry.

Add a pop of Contrast to your outfitimage003

Floral jewelry should be one which adds the contrast to your attire and make your outfit look more suitable. Always keep in mind that it should give a pop to your attire rather than matching.

Many options available in floral jewelryimage005

There are different types from which you can choose your favorite one and wear it amazingly! One can choose from orchids, rose, tuberose (rajnigandha), jasmine flower and etc.

Flowers used to make such jewelryimage007

Different types of flowers are made to make such jewelries. The type of flowers used completely depends on your choice. There are many types of flowers used to make such jewelry, like rose, orchid, jasmine and the list goes on!

Life of such jewelriesimage009

Lives of such jewelries are not just for few hours, they will stay fresh throughout the day. Even if you put such flower jewelry in refrigerator they will stay fresh for three days!

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