Things every shopaholic is secretly guilty about!

Women are peculiar creature on earth, not in a negative way! But yes, in all the positive ways, we love shopping, talking especially gossiping, wearing makeup, etc; primarily we love getting dressed with all the branded cloths and jewelry. No one would ever realize how happy she is, once she buys here favorite branded cloths or accessories. The fastest way to reach a woman’s heart is to take her for shopping or gift her, her favorite cloths, bags, makeup, shoes, ballerinas, etc. The list goes on and on, this list is never ending. It is always with a woman that whatever she has is never enough for her! She always wants to buy more and more. Moreover if she comes across “sale season”, then no one can stop her from buying something which she already might have but still she would buy the same things again because of the sale, and it is not always with woman even men do the same thing, people!

It is not that shopaholics never feel guilty about what they buy everytime, they do! But the only thing is they won’t accept it. Well who accepts his/her mistake? The things which a shopaholic is secretly guilty about but won’t admit are listed below. Scroll to find which one make you feel secretly guilty.
They would never want to buy the same thing as someone else’s. They always look out for different things, which is completely distinguish and unique from rest of the people. Even if they find that piece amazing and also if it is giving them a perfect fit but just because someone already have that, a shopaholic won’t buy that. Yes, we feel guilty about this!

They keep scrolling shopping apps more than there social media timeline. They want to be in trend always and do not want to get missed with the latest jewelry, cloths or shoes/sandals. They have all the shopping apps in their latest gadgets where they keep want to scroll more and more. Also they are always updated about the sales! Well, a true shopaholic but yes, this is something they feel guilty about at times.

When you want to buy something on which someone already has an eye on. If you belong to the tribe of shopaholics, you will know that buying an item someone else has their eye on is a sin of the highest degree and goes against our moral code.

We are always concerned about the sales season more than we are concerned about our deadlines at offices or anything else. So they often feel guilty about these things as they are always waiting for the season for shopping. Only a shopaholic would understand these things and how much these deadlines matter.

One might take a day off just for his/her shopping because the sale might end the next day and they badly want to go and gift themselves amazing clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry etc.
These are the few things only a person who is a shopaholic would understand and relate to better. We do feel guilty secretly but, wow! We have awesome collection in front of us, and after seeing such collection the secret guilt vanishes altogether.

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