Things a Stylish Woman would NEVER do!

A woman always wants to stay in style. Sometime we often look at girls walking by and wonder the type of earrings they are wearing we would even think of buying it or even the cloths which they might be wearing. You all know the type of ladies we are talking about, the ladies at work or club or even at the gym at times. They all look effortlessly beautiful just by carrying their own style of jewelry or cloths! We keep wondering how they dress so well, or from where she got these earrings. The thoughts I get in mind is just like another girl “How would I look good if I would wear such jewelry or cloth?” well, I know every girl thinks the same and keep wondering these things! But that is what we call “Staying in style”, she is the woman we call stylish.

A stylish woman would never want to follow the ongoing trend. You would rather set her own trends and inspire others to follow the same. Clothing and accessories are something which helps in communicating the idea to those who are around you. People generally judge you by what you wear. Even if the world is obsessed with matching crop-top sets, you will be the judge of whether its right for you or not. You would never follow the trend. You would always want to wear something unique and the best part is that you will be carrying a simple outfit also in trendy way.

You would never want to wear a dress just to impress opposite sex; you will wear something that suits you and something that would look good on you. Women who really love fashion dress to please themselves and not those around them. Especially when it comes to men! Because all men think that a woman wants to dress up well to impress one of them, which is totally wrong. Stylish woman uses fashion as a form of expression and dress themselves in a way which makes them happy.

Fashionable woman mostly like wearing baggy clothes which does not give them a proper shape but yes, the way they carry their baggy clothes gives an appearance to others in a way that it instantly inspires them to buy the same one. But sometimes it is good at times not to wear pieces which fits you like a glove rather pick the one that don’t hang quite well.
Look for clothes that you are completely comfortable in, a fashionable woman would never opt for clothes in which she is totally uncomfortable and it’s hard for her to carry such cloths. She would look out for more comfortable cloths in which she can move around and do whatever she feels like.

So, a fashionable woman maintains her wardrobe with some amazing collection of clothes which makes her happy when she wears them or in which she is totally comfortable and obviously will not opt for the cloths in which she does not feel like she looks good, that is will never follow the trend! So, are you one of the stylish women which I am talking about?

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