The Must have Fashion Earrings

Every girl should possess a wardrobe full of earrings. It’s a piece of jewelry that’s really easy to style. When in doubt about what jewelry to wear, opt for earrings. Be it work or play earrings get along with most of the occasions. When it comes to earrings, the options are many but there are certain types of earrings every girl must have and they are as follows:

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  • Hoops: Yes,the simple and classy hoops. Though there is a lot of variety of hoops, such as plain metal ones, beaded hoops, charm hoops but the plain silver ones are a must have.
  • Subtle Drops: These are the perfect earrings to dress your look up without weighing your ears down. The subtle drops dangle beautifully in your ears, adding a pleasing touch to your overall look.
  • Classic Posts: The perfect stand-by for any possible occasion are the classic posts. They complement your face, ears, and your entire wardrobe. Additionally, they won’t snag or be a distraction. The options in post Fashion Earrings are many such as, silver studs, jewel studs, pearl studs, or tiny flower studs.
  • Ethnic Touch: We all need at least five of earrings with an ethnic touch to get along with that gorgeous collection of suits and sarees. Buy the neutral colored ones, so that you can pair them with more than just one outfit.
  • Statement Chandeliers: We all know how popular Statement Jewelry is. Just slip on a pair of statement earrings and you’ll be sorted.
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