The beauty of wooden jewelry!

Jewelry is an important component of all our lives. It is something we all are fascinated towards and we require it on almost all occasions. With the evolution of the fashion scenario, Jewelry has become an obligation rather than an option. In our attempt to look fashion forward we have transcended all the preconceived limitations that surrounded the world of jewelry. Gone are the days when jewelry used to exist in the binaries of gold and silver. Today, there is a wide variety of jewelry that is available at our disposal which does not belong to the category of fine jewelry. Wooden jewelry is taking the world by a storm and is on par with the tribal jewelry trend.

History of wooden Jewelry
One such category of jewelry is wooden jewelry. Wood is one of the most basic substances available on Earth. It is both organic and environment friendly. As the name suggests, wooden jewelry is made of wood. This type of jewelry is beautiful, light and exquisite. Wooden Jewelry is not a part of fine jewelry and is not the kind of jewelry that can be considered a novelty. However, history has it that the concept of wooden jewelry is not a modern one rather it is an ancient concept. Wooden jewelry used to be made by ancient people with the use of bones, woods, shells, stones, etc. The trend of this has once again revived and is gaining prominence in the market.
There is a wide variety of jewelry that is manufactured with the use of wood. These include rings, pendants, necklaces, anklets, brooches, bracelets, hair accessories and more. Jewelry designing has played an important role in popularizing wooden jewelry. Wooden jewelry is available in a variety of designs and shapes. It is not only stylish and beautiful but also bio degradable. Using bio degradable object is the trend of this environmentally conscious age and jewelry seems to be catching on to this trend.

Styles and Designs
Wooden jewelry is available in multitudes of styles and designs that are inspired by both vintage and contemporary fashion trends. The trend of wearing wooden jewelry is more among youngsters who are more conscious of the rapidly changing and evolving fashion scenario. However, wearing vintage wooden jewelry is also a popular trend. In order to add some extra glamour and decoration to the jewelry, designers incorporate various pieces of metal, plastic beads and precious gemstones while jewelry designing.

Personalize it
For those looking to add some personal touch and a sense of individuality to the jewelry, wooden jewelry can also is customized. There are jewelers that help people achieving their desired jewelry goals by personalizing their jewelry according to their personal needs and preferences. The trend of designing your own wooden jewelry is also popular among youngsters. All you need is a certain creative streak and some basic know-how of jewelry making and jewelry designing.

Wearing wooden jewelry doesn’t only involve making a style statement but also focuses on reducing the carbon footprint in this environmentally conscious age. There are some people who wouldn’t like to wear plastic jewelry or expensive fine jewelry made of precious metals and stones, for such people this jewelry is the perfect alternative. It is both cost effective and environment friendly.

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