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How to wear a White jean/pant without looking fat?

Well, now days we see a lot of craze about wearing a white pant/trouser or white crop or sheer! Women are so ecstatic when they wear those high waist white pants, but one thing to be agreed on while flaunting those white pants we all or maybe some of us specially me would definitely look fat and chubby. I am sure you do not want to look fat or chubby in those amazing white pant/jean. Is there a way? Well, yes there is a way. Wow! Bombshell! Get ready to look like a dream in that “white” pant/jean. White pants signal that you have earned the luxury of wearing something so impractical. After all, how many pieces of clothing require you to think about everything from what underwear you’re going to wear to where you can sit without getting dirty? The thing I love about white pants is that, just like white pants, you can dress them up or down. Wear them with a jacket to the boardroom or with sandals to the beach, they just completely suit everything. Now let us just check the ways by which you can look slim and sensual in those white pants! read more