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Effective uses of pearls!

Many of us are fans of pearl jewelry. These unique gems are immensely popular. These can be used in many different ways even after the original piece of jewelry gets damaged. A string of pearls can make a fancy piece of jewelry. These can be used to add a unique and special touch to any outfit that is being worn. There are a number of ways in which these can be used. Instead of throwing away a broken pearl bracelet, bangle or necklace, we can always put them to a good use by recycling these. Get going with these unique pearls which we hardly pay attention to, they are quite useful ladies. read more

The beauty of wooden jewelry!

Jewelry is an important component of all our lives. It is something we all are fascinated towards and we require it on almost all occasions. With the evolution of the fashion scenario, Jewelry has become an obligation rather than an option. In our attempt to look fashion forward we have transcended all the preconceived limitations that surrounded the world of jewelry. Gone are the days when jewelry used to exist in the binaries of gold and silver. Today, there is a wide variety of jewelry that is available at our disposal which does not belong to the category of fine jewelry. Wooden jewelry is taking the world by a storm and is on par with the tribal jewelry trend. read more

Grab a perfect prep-school look!

This look seems to be in fashion this year, with a lot of things hitting the ramps, this is another look that has made a drastic comeback this year and created a shock wave in the entire fashion industry. A prep school look is basically a uniformed look that has been featured in many shows and films and become a huge trend back in the 90’s. read more

Astounding different type of Rings to wear this season!

There are different types of rings every woman must know and should have an idea about. The rings have always been a symbol of elegance, grace, poise, style, and beauty. They are the most important fashion accessory for both men and women. Today the market is flooded with different types of rings. From the low-priced plastic one to the one encrusted with diamonds and other precious stone the choices are endless. We need to choose and make spaces for a lot of designs in our closet. First know the different type of rings, and then understand which ring would suit you the best! Grab the piece of all the rings in the bag and get ready with your closet to shine with the beautiful stones and gemstone or even beaded rings. So, go through this collection of ring and attain at least each one of these.
One such type can be the beaded ring; these rings are made of beads and not in the old style but in the best style possible. Woman completely loves beaded rings now days! Beaded rings comprises of various colors and textures and amusing design which makes it one of a kind. read more

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Every Indian Groom Who Would Love!

Who says only woman loves jewelry! The statement is totally wrong even man loves to dress up well and wear his favorite accessory. But yes, we have to agree that that jewelry is more common among woman than man. Which creates confusion when it comes to gifting it to the groom; we often think which jewelry to choose for gifting. But there are a lot of jewelries which a groom can adorn on wedding function or any other function! read more

How to Wear Different Rings Gracefully!

Rings symbolize grace and elegance, and woman love being graceful and elegant. There are different types of rings to enhance your personality and give you charming look instantly! Now days, market is flooded with different kind of rings and one has a lot of options to choose amongst the flooded collection of rings, but the confusion is how one has to wear the ring and how to carry it gracefully! From low cost rings to diamonds, the choices are endless. read more