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Look Marvelous this summer’17!

Sun is shining on the head of us and we have realized already that this is going to be a sweaty summer and also that we’re at the crest of summer and the greater part of us are in a quandary . We need to tighten up our shoes and get ready to look outstanding and amazing this summer, this is time to glam up this summer heat and look sensual without much ado. read more

Beauty products you need to keep handy, even if you hate makeup!

Not every girl loves putting on different layers of makeup all the time, it is a myth that every girl loves makeup and like crafting on her face! Well, no there are plenty of woman which says makeup does not intrigue them. But even if you hate make up I am sure you like being hygienic? Who doesn’t? We all like being hygienic and we all are hygienic. But makeup is also a boon but also a bane for some of us. Some of us just completely love putting on those layers of makeup on our face and get dressed up like a little doll. Also, some of us are completely opposite and do not even want to put any kind of cream also onto our faces. But still somewhere down there are some products which are very major for every girl to keep handy in her bag.  I am sure even you will agree to me once I tell you about these products and I am also quite sure that some of us already keep these products handy with us. So, scroll down and check for these products and how many of you have these or will start keeping these products. read more

Sshh! These Beauty Companies are secretly scamming you.

Beauty industry is full of wonderful products which they offer to their customers, the ladies standing right behind the counter with all her advice to make your skin more beautiful with their makeup products! Well, they are all well mannered and put on some really amazing makeup products on their skin while doing some hundred touchups in between. One needs to be active and socially aware about the products that are of no use to us at all and still those ladies convince us somehow to buy the products because of their monthly targets! Do not worry, these companies which are scamming you secretly can never win you over with those unnecessary products which they offer. There might be several products which you still have in the bag but are completely of no use at all and makes no extra effect on to your skin once you apply those products. It could be that extra touch up powder or that eye primer. Well! Let me tell you they are just scamming you with those products and making money, so let us now be aware of the products that are of complete no use to us and just adds extra amount on our monthly expenditure list! So, get going now and keep reading to know more: read more