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Ravishing Bridal Kalire Designs that Every Bride can Flaunt on her Wedding Day!

Kalire hold a special place in every bride’s heart. These accessories have special significance in the attire of the bride. Traditionally it is supposed to be gifted to bride by her maternal relatives; the gorgeous long tassels that are attached to the bride’s bangles give her attire, a whole new dimension. It adds grace and glamour to her trousseau. The saying goes, that when the bride shakes her hands above her friends’ or unmarried relative women’s heads, whoever gets a bit of the kalire will get married next. The truth of that remains to be tested but it is a fun ritual for sure! When it comes to choosing kalire, though, the number of shapes, sizes and materials they are made up of can give one a headache! One tip to remember is that the kalire should enhance the lehanga or saree the bride is adorned in, so keep in mind the color scheme while going for kalire shopping. And if you are still confused about the design of the kalire, then look out for these beautiful options you might consider. Scroll it down for astounding designs!

•Chunky balls kalire, for the brides who want a little change to the basic ones, funky ball kalire can always help. They look stylish, contemporary and chic, and it does not matter what outfit you are wearing you can team it with all the designs or different color lehangas. Little balls dangling against your ensemble will create a magical look that will surely wow everyone. Also, its great way to add little quirkiness and theme into your look.

• Kalire with Kundan Embellishment, these will complement bridal outfits that are minimal, but can also go with the heavily-embroidered lehangas or saree. Kundan is a very versatile yet traditional kind of jewelry, and is the cherry to the cake when it comes to red or maroon bridal outfits. Check this one.

• Three layered Kalire, the brides who want something traditional and heavy for the styling, three-tier or layered kalire can be the ideal choice. Three-layered kalire completely transforms your look and make you go traditional with a twist. In short, this style is perfect for those who crave something with a little edge.

• Golden Kalire, These are the most traditionally elegant and eternal. You can just never go wrong with the pair of golden kalire. The glitzy golden kalire have a priceless charm that is difficult to ignore for any bride. You might have a plenty of options available with you in various designs, shapes and colors, but with a golden one, you can make the most subtle statement.

• Tassel Kalire, If highly embellished kalire are not your style, you can opt for rather cute looking tassel and ghungroo kalire. They are actually elegant and distinct kalire which can make your bridal attire look way more beautiful. The droopy tassels look flawless and go well with the whole attire of the bride. So, this one can be a good option too.

These are the few designs you might like and choose for your most supreme day, do not forget to look gorgeous like you always do and stay in stylish!

Get your facts right about Rose Gold Jewelry!

Rose gold is created when copper is alloyed with yellow gold. The yellow gold acquires a pinkish and warm color with the addition of copper. The rosy color is directly impacted by the addition of copper and more copper leads to a more intense and rosy color. Gold is a rather soft and delicate metal and must therefore be alloyed with some other metal to be fit to be used in making jewelry.

What is a karat?
A karat is the unit for the measurement of the purity of gold. If a piece of gold jewelry has 24K or 24 karats as its measure of purity, it is said that the jewelry is made of pure gold. One karat equals 4.16 percent gold. If a piece of jewelry contains 18k gold, it means it is made of 75 percent gold. The rest 25 percent is said to be made of some other metal or alloy. A piece of gold which has a gold content higher than 18k is considered to be too soft for making jewelry.

What makes rose gold rose?
The color of the Rose Gold Jewelry is directly dependent on the amount of copper used in making the gold jewelry. The most subtle rose color is found in pink gold. Pink gold gives off a radiance of gold more than pink. Rose gold is more intense in color than pink gold because of higher copper content in Red gold jewelry. The highest copper content happens to be in Red gold and it therefore has the deepest and the most intense color of all. However, it is not actually red. None of these above were actually red or pink in color.

There are a number of styles in jewelry that are perfect for using Rose gold. These are not restricted to merely women’s jewelry rather extent to men’s jewelry too. Its sophisticated and warm color makes it a perfect metal to be used in making watches. Other accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces etc are also widely made with the use of rose gold jewelry. Interlocking rings, Russian wedding rings, are popularly made with the use of white, yellow and rose gold. This gold is also widely used as an accent metal in many kinds of jewelry. It is a clear reflection of the ability of the metal to mix along well with other metals. As a setting for stones, rose gold works best with diamonds and earth tone-colored gemstones in shades of yellow, brown, orange, and red. The rich colors in Rose Gold complement Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Green Amethyst, Opal, Pearl, and Tanzanite especially well.


Always confused what to wear?

If you are always confused or not sure what to wear for the next board meeting or to the next party you plan on letting your hair down at? There’s always the fashionista to the rescue you immediately. This squad member is always up to date with the latest trends and she has the prettiest clothes. For her, faux leather is the perfect party number. Isn’t it? Check this out and you won’t be confused thereafter;

There’s always the Health Freak to Keep You in Check
Somehow your health freak bestie will always find you just when you’re about to bite into that juicy burger! Take note of what she says and follow her for your own good. With all the keeping away from junk food, who knows, you could end up pulling her looks off one day.

But The Squad’s Foodie Is Best to Cheat With
Every time the health freak in the group catches you dig into that burger, you can always depend on your foodie friend to come defend you from her wrath. She will have a number of valid excuses why cheese and chocolates are good for you. Also, if there’s a new restaurant in town, she is always game to try it out!

The Tomboy Protects You
She might have a tough exterior but if you dig a little deeper there’s a protective person in there who is full of emotions although she will deny this vehemently!. This girl is never going to let you get hurt because she always has a watchful eye over the squad. She needs something that provides ease of movement for her go-getter attitude.

The Lost One
She might be lost deep in thought most of the time, but the moment she gets back to reality; she’s got a brilliant idea. We all have one of those friends who have no idea what we’re saying, but then suddenly say something that is the EXACT solution you need! This girl is your philosopher and she needs an outfit that is as dreamy as her thoughts.

The Miss Know-It-All
This girl has the latest news in town and the lowdown on everyone’s life. She pays attention to the details and makes sure she does her research. She will claim her need to know everything is for pure knowledge purposes of course, nothing to do with how she can’t live without the gossip.

No, do not throw your old jewelry!

The right embellishments assume an enormous part in molding how your last outfit looks. They have the ability to immediately change a dull outfit into something polished and in vogue. Be that as it may, wearing the same old frill again and again can get a bit of exhausting some of the time.

Dress your grip up with an announcement neck piece
Every one of us have that announcement neck piece we can’t relinquish notwithstanding when it turns old and corroded. Be that as it may, don’t discard it just yet. Dress your strong hued grip or your sack up by basically sticking the neck piece onto it. This is such a simple and breathtaking hack, and it will take your basic pack from flat to astounding

Bringing provocative back
On the off chance that you are wearing a top or a dress with a low profile back, then simply wear your stylish jewelry front to back. It is a pleasant method for highlighting your back and making a style proclamation. Make a point to layer a couple of your pieces of jewelry one over the other (and not only a solitary one!) for that additional edge. Buy long chain pendants at Bling station. Twist them turn them and stay fashionable with them.

Wear single large earring as brooch
All of us have a couple of articulation hoops that we get a kick out of the chance to parade each chance we get. In any case, wearing such hoops on an ordinary working day may not appear to be conceivable. However, here’s the uplifting news you really can! Simply take one hoop and essentially stick it on a strong hued bit of apparel, or even your pack. It works like an in vogue little ornament and makes your outfit emerge! Buy statement earrings at bling station.

Wear a neck piece as an arm-sleeve
Stout arm ornaments and arm-sleeves consequently give that additional edge to your group… Especially in case you’re attempting to pull off an ethnic or combination look. Wrap a thick jewelry around your arm – this will change it into a marvelous arm-sleeve that will undoubtedly knock some people’s socks off.

Wear a pendant as a maang tikka
This is the most established trap in the book is still as spectacular! Wearing pendants as maang tikas makes a specific unconventional and fantastic look that we can never get enough of. It’s neither strong nor excessively flat, but instead, simply impeccable to make a style proclamation! Make heads turn in your delightful Indian clothing with this straightforward style hack.

Wear an old Anklet as a head chain
The boho design incline never truly leaves style! Directing the free soul within each one of us, this pattern reminds us to take it somewhat simple, be who we need to be, and to do it in style. Not certain how to shake this pattern? Fish out your old anklet (anklet) from your cabinet and style it as a head chain. Toss on a bordered coat or a maxi skirt and run free! Buy anklets online at Bling station.

Wear old studs as neckline pins
Fastened down shirts will dependably be each young lady’s go-to closet staple. Give your great old’ secured down shirt a little makeover by enhancing it with a couple of old ear studs. Yes, it’s conceivable! What’s more, yes, it looks completely fantastic! Simply stick the ear studs onto the collars of your shirt and take your outfit to a radical new level.

Everything about a Black diamond!

Black diamonds are one the most amazing and attractive gemstone of all, they are instant eye catcher and looks astounding on the wearer. But have we ever wondered that why black diamonds are so attractive? So many fine jewelry designers have been implementing black diamonds into their designs the past few years with much success, but I don’t think most people truly understand what they are buying. I see so many websites that are selling black diamond’s with no disclosure of any gem treatments and with price tags that might seem higher than necessary for an opaque black stone. It is important to understand what exactly a black diamond is and how savvy marketing and design trends brought this otherwise low-grade stone to the forefront. We all thought that black diamond are just hunk of coals but No, black diamond’s aren’t just hunks of coal, and no, they are not less expensive just because they are black.

• Looking out for natural black diamond in the market could be a little tricky task. But, having one could be not more than a blessing. These black diamonds are technically real diamonds filled with black color. So, there lusture and everything is just as similar to the real diamond out there.
• Natural black diamonds, for the most part are not what gemologists consider gem quality but they aren’t coal either. Instead, they are poly crystalline diamonds known as Carbonado that are a combination of smaller diamonds, graphite and carbon crystals. Though this type of diamond is tougher than a colorless diamond due to its composition, the porous gems are also harder to cut and polish.
• The question is from where do these diamonds come from? So Carbonado, commonly known as the “black diamond”, is the toughest form of natural diamond. It is an impure form of poly crystalline diamond consisting of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. It is found primarily in alluvial deposits in the Central African Republic and in Brazil.
• A natural colored gemstone diamond is much more expensive than a colorless diamond. A very high quality natural black diamond is incredibly rare since most Carbonado is made up of minuscule, porous crystals. Due to this rarity, a natural gem quality black diamond can be more expensive than a colorless diamond of similar quality. Yes, don’t hold your breath though! These types of natural black diamonds are seldom ever seen on the retail market.
• Also many people are fooled by the fake black diamond to be a real one so doesn’t be fooled if you see a piece of jewelry with an Alaskan black diamond in it. These stones aren’t diamonds at all but are instead hematite. Hematite is a mineral form of iron oxide. This mineral is often mixed with another form of iron oxide called Magnetite and some other mineral to create Magnetic Hematite. This stone is commonly used in magnetic healing therapy bracelets which are said to help alleviate pain and other ailments.

So, these diamond looks alluring but buying one that too natural black diamond could be an expensive one. If you want to buy one do consult a trusted jeweler because chance of people making you fool is quite high when it comes to black diamond. Else, no doubt these diamonds are quite interesting and astounding!

Mix and Match your Jewelry to upgrade your Style!

Every woman’s dream is too look classy and beautiful with the right set of combination of Clothing with a right pair of accessory. 1Styling your clothing with the correct accessories has become so much fun plus challenging as well for a woman. There are different elements from which a woman has to choose that might be about choosing a right pair of earrings or bracelet or rings.

Let’s discuss few simple tricks on how we can stay in this fashion game just by pairing it in the right way. So, that you walk out looking your best.

Accessory should match the occasion 

Now a day’s people focus on accessorizing them so much that they completely forget the occasion and the context. So, if you are in the office you cannot type with those heavy rings and wear those substantial neck pieces. That is a big ‘NO’ for all you ladies. Wear some accessory that matches the outfit and occasion that is the first point to be noted.

Focus more on the centerpieces

The centerpiece is basically the one that makes you stand out amongst the crowd. Always remember if you are wearing a baggy kind of dress or maybe a dress which you don’t like much, accessorize it with a center piece and you will notice the difference yourself.

Play with different shades

Break the monotony of wearing the same boring matching cloths with the outfit, go ahead and play with the colors. Make your look more bold and vibrant. Mix a colorful tassel neckpiece or a beaded bracelet with your outfit would give you ‘thumbs ups’ for your look.

Over accessorizing

One good rule which is always recommended can be always before going out, look yourself in the mirror and remove that one extra accessory. This can help a lot because over accessorizing is always a very common mistake which each one of us make a lot of time.

Put in different layers

Just mix your different sizes of jewelry if you want to get out of your daily boring attire. Match you big stone accessory with the thin chain or try and match with the thickness and sizes. Also you can layer your bracelets and rings.

Choose one for different attire

Each piece should be the one which can be worn with more than one outfit. An accessory should be one which can compliment with more than one outfit.

Mixing and matching things are always a fun task to do, simple tips which can be kept in mind is not to over-do it, try and work around with just one piece which would look simple and elegant at the same time. A part from this the combinations if you want to make can be endless and there are no limits for you to look beautiful.

Jewelry Care Tips – How to Care your jewelry?

Every woman loves to flaunt her jewelry as this is one of the most special and cherished accessories to them. vc_er001188_prl_large14One always wants to understand how to protect her precious accessory, because wearing these accessories can make a lot of difference in their personality and their beauty. As these jewelries are becoming a thing of possession which a girl would love to have.

So, there is a list of do’s and don’t which is the key for every woman to follow if they love their jewelry, want to adore it for lifetime and also want to keep it clean and ready to wear;

  • After wearing your favorite accessory remember to gentle wipe off the excess makeup and skin oil, use cotton cloth only using the soft pads of your fingers.
  • Keep your jewelry in a box which have certain compartments and dividers or even if you are using your usual box, don’t forget to wrap it individually in a soft tissue.
  • Never try to clean a damaged jewelry because it might worsen the problem. If the jewelry is broken, it should be set aside for repairing.
  • When having your jewelry cleaned professionally, it can be good idea to have each item checked for any possible problems. Addressing any signs of damage, or loose gemstones will prevent any further damage or loss and keep all of your pieces in excellent shape for years.
  • In order to maintain the shiny and new looking effect of the jewelry you can always use 100% cotton as a polishing cloth since other fabric contain wood, fibers and synthetic.
  • The most important point is that one should always remove their ring or fine accessory before using any product that contains bleach. Also when you are going for swimming pools or bathing in hot tubs,
  • Give your gemstones special care, many woman get there colored gemstone the routine treatment but this can also create a negative impact on the jewelry because it might be affected by heat, solvent or ultrasonic cleaners.
  • If you are fond of colorful gemstones, then clean those accessories with warm water, mild dish soaps with no detergent and a soft brush.
  • Also soft gems such as pearl can get a scratch while cleaning use a new, clean makeup brush and warm or soapy water and clean them softly.
  • While you are traveling do not forget to keep your jewelry in a separate box or a bag safely.

vc_er001145_org_large5Also I would suggest that one can get a free check up of their jewelry as there are many jewelry stores provide free check up or professional cleaning of the jewelry. So, keeping your jewelry collection organized and clean is not that difficult and I hope these recommendations can help for all the jewelry lovers.

Jewelry Trends for Winter: Metal Jewelry

Winter wardrobe mainly consists of the dark hued clothes, what else can look better with them than our dear metallic tones. Metal jewelry shines bright and really stands out against dark tones. The options are plenty when it comes to metal jewelry, oxidized cuffs and collars being my favorite. You can slip on a cuff over your full sleeved sweatshirt and it provides just the right amount of edge to your look.

Following are some forms of metal jewelry you can wear to add glamour to your winter wear:

  • Metal Collars: These are great to wear with all your turtleneck sweaters and tops. The solid gold and silver ones look great against blacks and grays. They will also look good with the oxblood tone, which is a huge trend this season.
  • Chain Link Necklaces: Link necklaces have been a huge trend for about a year now. They are now gradually making their way towards the winter trends.They give an instant biker-chic appeal to your look and give your outfit an edgy, power dressing feel.
  • Ear Cuffs: Ear cuff lend an instant glamour to your look. Tie your hair in a ponytail and a bun fir maximum effect. Also, keep the ear cuff limited to one ear to keep the look chic and understated.

If you do not have an idea about where to buy good metal jewelry, you can best places to buy designer jewelry online. Buying anything online allows you find everything trendy without leaving the comfort of your home.