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Make your Thighs looks slimmer instantaneously!

What if one day you wake up with a flat tummy and slimmer thighs? Like never before? Well, it will happen to you surely but before that what if we can style in and experiment some chic cloths on us and still look slim and sassy? Cryptic? Well, see here we have some amusing tricks for you to know and I am sure you will look beautiful and your thighs will look more sizzling with whilst looking slimmer. Specially people who are already blessed, unlike me! Will not have to worry but people like me and you can definitely jot down these tips and maybe this piece of information act as a boon to your closet problems. So get ready with a pen and paper and note down these points in order to get those things remembered and you might get the attention you always wanted: read more

This is the reason why you should not be using deodorant!

We all sweat for a reason, and there are different reasons as why we sweat so much for different people. Has anyone ever told you not to use those spray or deodorants on regular basis as it might be harmful for your skin? I guess no. You might want to know the reasons and must be curious to know as what is so wrong with these deodorants because after all the fragrance is quite sweet and aromatic. Let us just discuss few of the reasons and make you aware about the things you should be scared of while applying those sprays on your body. Don’t be perplexed scroll down and know the reasons. read more

Dress up your White-tee in style!

White is a color that goes well with anything you wear, also white is a color that fits very well in every accessory too! Be it shoes, loafers, tee, crop tops, jeggings, jeans, leggings and the list is endless. You can wear anything in this color and look sassy in a jiffy! People might think at times that white seems to be too bright and might not suit on us but let me tell you this color suits very well on us and also is a color of peace and happiness. Wearing a normal white tee also could help you get flooded with compliments and not comments! We often indulge our self in a cryptic situation when it comes to choosing the right outfit for yourself or right pair of matching jeans or jeggings with our white color tee! So here is bone tip for you where you can pair that classy white tee with your outstanding accessories and other outfits. Check them out! read more

Excessive hair fall? Check out some effective home remedies here!

This seems to be an intriguing topic; we all face this particular problem of excessive hair fall and if not excessive we all face a problem of hair fall. Hair fall is a very sensitive thing to discuss upon! But this is a thing that happens to almost each one of us. There are a lot of things through which you apply or use on your hair so that you do not face this problem again. Natural remedies are the best remedies I must say, applying chemicals over hair might cause more damage to your hair! So, be natural and apply natural products on skin and hair so that there is less chance of hair getting damaged. So here this article can be a boon to all the men and woman who are facing a problem of excessive hair loss. You can surely thank me later but before that go ahead and start applying these home-made easy remedies and get shinier and stronger hair gradually! Scroll down and have a look at these remedies! read more

Look Marvelous this summer’17!

Sun is shining on the head of us and we have realized already that this is going to be a sweaty summer and also that we’re at the crest of summer and the greater part of us are in a quandary . We need to tighten up our shoes and get ready to look outstanding and amazing this summer, this is time to glam up this summer heat and look sensual without much ado. read more

Find the Perfect Lehanga suiting your body type!

We often land up being in cryptic when it comes to choosing lehanga for ourselves, be it for our friend’s marriage or even when it is time to choose lehanga for our own wedding, which is quite a big decision after all! When it comes to choosing lehanga on your day then it is quite important for you to keep a lot of things in mind so in case you are one of those bride to be’s then this articles can be a boon to you and it’s very important for the bride to pick up a lehanga style according to her body style or type. So whether you have an hourglass, rectangle, pear or an apple, choose the right lehanga style that flatters your body type will add oodles of style miles to your personality! In order to know the type of lehanga you want to choose, you should know your body type too. This is one of the basic points which have to be noted, choose wisely your shape and work on it too. There are different shapes and sizes all over so let us start helping you find the body type you have and lehanga that would suit on you completely. Let us explore more out of this:
Apple Shape read more

Accessorize your little black dress like a pro!

We all love the color black, right? Well we do! There is no replacement of the color black in our life. I know that is true. All we have to do is accessorize it right, these black dresses are so ubiquitous that each and every person is wearing one. But do you know if you accessorize it well then you might look distinct and gorgeous effortlessly in a jiffy! Get ready to some oomph to your personality. Because there are many ways through which you can look sensual in the same black dress. People might wear the same black dress but once you know the technique and different ways to wear one then you can be pro in the same, people might ask you for fashion advice too. This article will be boon to you; well you can thank me later but before that let us scroll down and check out those different ways to make you look pretty. read more

Looks that are must for this summer’17!

Summer is already here and we are still wondering what to wear this season. Well I know you might be in cryptic situation and want to wear something which is trending also and something which will suit your personality also. There is a right way by which you can look adorable and sassy at the same time, anyone can look sassy but looking cute and classy at the same time is a trick and here I have some clothing from which you can look like both for this summer’17. You need to tie your hair and start searching for the right cloths to look amazing and attractive instantly! You need to be updated about the latest fashion and clothing. Having a correct knowledge about clothing and accessories are also a part of your attire. Adding summer is a season of experimenting, this season brings in a lot of new dresses and matching accessories to be worn for a woman! Check out some of the latest trending outfit and clothing which are preferable for this summer’17 and do not fall out of fashion instead fall inside. read more