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The beauty of wooden jewelry!

Jewelry is an important component of all our lives. It is something we all are fascinated towards and we require it on almost all occasions. With the evolution of the fashion scenario, Jewelry has become an obligation rather than an option. In our attempt to look fashion forward we have transcended all the preconceived limitations that surrounded the world of jewelry. Gone are the days when jewelry used to exist in the binaries of gold and silver. Today, there is a wide variety of jewelry that is available at our disposal which does not belong to the category of fine jewelry. Wooden jewelry is taking the world by a storm and is on par with the tribal jewelry trend. read more

Tips on accessorizing your little summer dress

Summer is approaching and with the days of fun under the sun ahead, you’ll need to know how to accessorize a summer dresses as well. Charming summer dresses are a must-have in almost every girl’s wardrobe! Right? Yes. Every woman wants to look amazing and wearing the right cloths with the right accessory makes you feel the same. Summer is all about tanned skin, short cloths, right accessories and heels or ballerinas. So, it is always quite difficult to keep all these things balanced for a woman. I know you always get confused about which jewelry to wear with which accessory, followed by slippers or heels or ballerinas. But here are certain tips on which you can concentrate and accessorize your simple outfit into something unique and classy! One has to keep a lot of things in mind before accessorizing like wearing the right cloths are one thing but over doing it with the accessories goes completely wrong at times and makes you look terrible. Your little black dress might be amazing but slipping in with the correct accessory can be just on point and make you look more charming and beautiful instantly. read more