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– Retro and cute. I’d call it plaid’s country sister. When I was a novice to these horizontal and vertical lines, everything was check for me. Check is a collective name for plaid, hounds tooth and gingham.

Gingham is the most sorted print and is a combination of two colors, usually white and a bolder color. The thing I like about gingham is that it gives out a whole 50’s throwback feel.

Gingham, blue Fashion Accessories jewellery

Styling Gingham:

To avoid looking like you have wrapped yourself up in a picnic tablecloth, make sure you keep the moderation in mind.

Treat gingham like you would treat a plaid. Being a subtle print, it can be paired with some complementary print such as floral. Since one color is usually white, pairing it with white skinnies or a white top/tunic (if you are wearing gingham as bottoms) is a great and easy idea.

If you have decided to wear it head to toe, like a gingham jumpsuit, go for a well fitted piece. Another way to wear it is to wear a gingham midi skirt with a gingham blouse/shirt. Loosen up the buttons of your shirt and tie a knot. The midriff skin baring would bring an edgy twist to your look.

Here are some of the inspirations that I have clubbed together for you which will give you a clear idea of the outfits I was talking about.

Gingham blue Fashion Accessories jewellery

While styling a gingham can be a challenge to some, it is an easy trend to pull off for others. Gingham is everywhere- shorts, shirt dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, headbands, scarves, shoes, belts and even on accessories like phone cases and much more.

Talking about accessories, here you can find a wide variety of Fashion Jewelry and Fashion Accessories that you can incorporate in your style.

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