Stun Things Men Find Unattractive in women!

Listen ladies! I am sure you must be doing all the right things in order to attract your man, but there might be something which you are doing that might not appeal him that much. He may not tell you to avoid fights but that might make him fall out of love. So, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind when you are with him or when you are talking to him. Your behavior and actions are something that attracts men the most but one small action or behavior might lead you in trouble and you might lose your favorite person. It may surprise you once after reading the below facts but well ladies, that is the truth and you need to keep these things locked in your head now. You might be thinking that you are drawing the person towards yourself while doing that particular thing but reality is you.

  • Being excessively confident, while you think he likes your confidence but that can turn out to be faux pas as he might hate your excessive confident behavior. Men do like confidence but they do not like you being conceited, you need to be quite sure and draw a thin line between being confident and being conceited. Showing off could lead to a major turn off. So one needs to understand that point and he will notice your worth.
  • No men like hearing gossips about your friend or family, generally guys do not like their girl always gossiping about her ex or her friends. This might seem fun to you while you are sharing all your stuff with him but he might not like that. While your intentions may be to try to open the lines of communication with him and keep him in the loop, it’s important to recognize that giving him the lowdown on other’s sordid deeds actually makes you come across as having low self-esteem in his eyes.
  • Excessive makeup, yes girls. If you think putting on that compact will instantly impress him then you are completely wrong because that will not impress him at all, despite it will be a turn off to him. Less is always more when it comes to makeup flaws, in order to look pretty and attractive you end up wearing a lot of makeup which completely makes you face look like a cake. So, avoid wearing layers of makeup.
  • It is important to recognize that there’s a fine line between being independent and being unavailable. You may think that playing hard to get and acting in a distant and disengaged way can help you attract a guy, but you’re making a mistake by not making time for him. In fact, playing games can make you seem highly immature and can give off the impression that you’re not yet ready, willing, and/or interested in getting to know him on a deeper and more meaningful level. And while you may assume that acting detached and aloof increases your allure, you’re actually coming across as uninterested, flaky, and just plain annoying.
  • Always partying, well! Partying once in a blue moon could be just fine. But always partying could make him fall out of love. According to men, women who party regularly are reckless and are tend to make wrong decision without thinking much!
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