Sshh! These Beauty Companies are secretly scamming you.

Beauty industry is full of wonderful products which they offer to their customers, the ladies standing right behind the counter with all her advice to make your skin more beautiful with their makeup products! Well, they are all well mannered and put on some really amazing makeup products on their skin while doing some hundred touchups in between. One needs to be active and socially aware about the products that are of no use to us at all and still those ladies convince us somehow to buy the products because of their monthly targets! Do not worry, these companies which are scamming you secretly can never win you over with those unnecessary products which they offer. There might be several products which you still have in the bag but are completely of no use at all and makes no extra effect on to your skin once you apply those products. It could be that extra touch up powder or that eye primer. Well! Let me tell you they are just scamming you with those products and making money, so let us now be aware of the products that are of complete no use to us and just adds extra amount on our monthly expenditure list! So, get going now and keep reading to know more:

Well, this is completely worthless sheet you will ever buy, I know removing making while washing of your face is a one big task but hey! Ladies, you cannot spend your precious money on these remover sheet instead take a warm towel and gently remove all your make from your face that would be easy as well as worth it. Boycott these sheets!

Well, these lips exfoliators promise you to offer you those moist and you will not have those chapped lips again! But let me remind you there is a lot better which you can opt for is a homemade that is DIY lips exfoliators at home simply by mixing some coconut oil and brown sugar and to give you those fuller lips your lips exfoliator is ready! Do not waste your money in buying such costly exfoliator honey!

Apparently, there is a very less different between a body lotion and body creams! This is just another way to make money by these scamming industries by selling those scented body lotion products. But there is hardly any difference between the two, one can use these creams instead of lotion and this would work the same way as it does. Also, this lotion does include some harmful chemicals and acids which are not good for your skin and may harm your skin.

This one just made me laugh once! Well, these companies do have lash primers, primers are meant to be those products which make some difference on to your skin but this product does not make any difference on your skin. It works the same way as a mascara does and after applying this you won’t see a difference too, it would be same like you have applied your mascara then what is the need to buy this product?

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