Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016

Summer is the time we go all out with our clothing options, there are so many.1-maxi-skirts-skirts-which-are-perfect-for-summer-2016-jpg
From shorts to jeans, mini-skirts to long ones we can wear anything we want, any way we like. Summer means no restrictions; all we need is something comfortable, stylish and fashionable.

Skirts are one such item of clothing; you have amazing number of designs and material available. From miniskirts to long ones, from cotton ones to those clad in leather, the options are mind-boggling and can be worn in any way you like. Pair them with designer anklets to make the look even more chic.

Here are some ‘Skirts’ which are perfect for summer and their types for that can be flaunted this summer:

1. Maxi Skirts –

Maxi Skirts - Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016

Maxi skirts have been around for ages and will never leave. Maxi skirts are basically long flowy skirts that are going in rounds with prints and fluid fabrics. Pair them up with a trendy crop top and buy fashion jewellery online that will complete your look and make it look trendy as hell.

2. Midi Skirts –

Midi Skirt - Mango-Pleated - Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016


Midi Skirt - Denim - Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016

This season, every cut, design and fabrics seems look exceptional in midi skirts. These are basically, skirts which have lengthy that comes little below the knees. You can go for an A-line or add a flare to it. In this length every material from denim, suede, see-through, pleats, full all look great. These will look perfect if you buy anklets and add it to you ensemble.                                                                                                                                                                 

3. Slit Skirts –

Slit Skirts - Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016

Slit Skirts - Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016

These are probably the sexiest skirts available. A slit is a cut made anywhere along the length of the skirt. A slit brings out the sexy in you and gives an effortless feel. It can be a tiny slit on the side or in the mid, or an amazingly hot high slit on the side which can go up to the thigh or all the way to hip bone, as per your comfort. You can choose prints or plain bold colors in this design, if the slit is high make sure the material is flowy or it won’t sit properly.

4. Fluid Skirts and Pleats –

Fluid Skirts and Pleats - Pleated Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer

A summery floral print skirt with a slit on the side or a sophisticated piece with pleats is the best option this season. Just flaunt a flow piece with a designer anklet or a formal look with bold colors in pleats is your thing to do. With skirts there is no need to be too over the top, the skirt can be understated and yet trendy.

5. Mini-Skirts – 

Mini Skirts - Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016

These are the most versatile piece of clothing. As you show of your legs in these thigh high skirts, they can be of an amazing arena of variety. In summers when it’s extremely hot outside and jeans in not an option, a flowy cotton mini-skirt is great. Other than that leather is a very commonly bought option.

6. Denim Skirts –

Denim Skirt - Skirts Which Are Perfect For Summer 2016

Who doesn’t love a denim skirt, be it long, pleated, knee length, high waisted or short as long as it’s denim, it will work. When it is hot enough to not wear jeans but you still want to go for a denim look, skirts are your best option. As we move forward in fashion, this is something you can go wrong with; you can pair them with shirts or trendy tees. Buy fashion jewellery online like designer anklets and pair it with them to get the ultimate look.

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