Seductive Fragrances below Rs.1000/-

Everyone likes to smell good; it can be an easy way to gravitate opposite sex towards you. Also it is a thumb up for your personal hygiene. So, let us face it we want to smell great all day long. Especially some of us, who have some stern issues with our own body odors and feel helpless. Perfumes are something that can complete your look in total, though it is not visible but the fragrance is something that allures people towards you instantly. We all want expensive cloths, branded watches or shoes or handbags but we always forget about perfumes. Yes, I know when it comes to buying a branded perfume one might think that they need to spend a lot for the perfume because it is branded and long-lasting. But now you can buy one without thinking much, well this might sound cryptic! But yes, there are long lasting and effective perfumes which you can buy under Rs.1000/- only. So, now you have quite a lot of options in order to get that long lasting fragrance that too branded perfumes which not only will long last but are also affordable. Scroll down and get ready with your wallet to pick some astounding fragrances for yourself.

1.    Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil from The Body Shop

You might think that the bottle is quite small and this might not be the right pick for you, but well! This is the right pick. Definitely! You just need little drop of this perfume and you are good to go for the rest of your day. This perfumes by body shop costs between Rs.800-900/- only.

2.     Benetton Hot EDT For Women

This perfume by United Colors of Benetton offers a fresh and soothing fragrance. The fragrance is seductive and refreshing. This perfume by Benetton costs between Rs.600-650/- only.

3.    Trendy from Nike

This perfume is refreshing and long lasting; this is one of the most demanded perfumes in Nike. This trendy perfume is something which every girl needs to have this season. Also the price of this perfume by Nike costs between Rs.550-600/- only.

4.    Yardley English Lavender EDT

Fragrance of Lavender instantly enlightens your day and stays with you all day long. This perfume by Yardley costs between Rs.850-900/- only. Can be a good pick for you so grab the opportunity!

5.    Anna Andre Paris Numero 1

This brand makes some very affordable perfumes which last decently. The packaging of their perfumes is better if compared with others. This is a seamlessly amalgamation of fruity and floral notes with hints of vanilla. This perfume by Numero 1 costs between Rs.650-700/- only.

6.    Jovan Black Musk EDC

Jovan brand also makes some good to try budget perfumes under Rs.1000/- in India. This Black Musk is something a woman would love to sport musky scent during winters since it is feminine yet sensuous and enticing. The enchanting floral notes played with the musky notes create a nice fragrance for everyday use. This perfume by Jovan costs between Rs.850-900/- only.

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