Rock your Evening Gown Look

If we are talking hot tends then you can’t seem to elude gowns and long slit dresses. With all the glamour they bring to your evening they also seem to make huge holes in your pockets. Here is the evening gown hack for the budgeted Glamour girl.

Take this amazing Blue Gown for example…

Rock your Evening Gown Look - Jade Allie

Here is the step by step guide for you to rock this look :

Buy Your material

Yes it is the cheapest way to go when you are on a budget. Just go to a local shop which keeps huge stocks of clothes in wholesale price. Buy the cloth by meter and you will also have the advantage of choosing the exact color of your choice. In this instance Electric Blue is the color of the pictured gown.


Next stop Local Master

Pick the hugely experienced one who knows clothes are all about the right fit. Print out the picture for him in HD Quality and lay out the details for him. Make frequent visits to know for sure if cuts are being made in the right size. It will also help you lose that calf fat.


Make an early Parlor Appointment

Yes, make an early parlor appointment to a place which you can afford and explain them the things you want to get done. Like curling your hair and a light nude make up won’t cost as equal to full blown out face. Every penny counts girls every penny counts.

Designer silver pendants online shopping

Swoon in Silver

This is a really important one to make you look exquisite and expensive without cracking your wallet away. Pick silver studs and pendants as your accessory choice. Silver apart from being a good investment is also into fashion. They give you the chick look and make your entire appearance expensive dupe.


You can save money over this too by buying online. Choose websites like BLING STATION to get a reassured delivery and quality products. So start your designer silver pendants online shopping. You would also see amazing cuffs and earrings collection designer silver pendants online. Sort your accessories out and tick this one off the list too.


Tip to tap the shoe…

Decide the quality and type of your shoe on the basis of your gown length. Remember what they can’t see they won’t know. So if you are wearing a really long draping gown then you can pick any of your old black heels or even those studded belly flat would do.

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