Right way to walk in heels!

We often see people doing tip toe in heels, why? The reason could be because the heels are quite high or some might be learning how to walk in heels. Women love wearing heels despite they do not feel comfortable in heels, they still want to carry heels with their favorite dress just because it looks classy. Very few of us know how to wear heels in the right way, so alleviate all those problems which you were facing earlier while wearing heels and don your favourite heels for the party tonight! Mastering the art of walking in heels require patience and a lot of practice. And before learning how to walk right in heels, one has to be sure about the right pair of shoe which she is wearing. If you are not wearing the right heels then it will be difficult for you to learn and even walk in heels. A study conducted by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (and reported by The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists), 88 percent of American women are wearing shoes that are too small. That’s a pretty staggering figure and points to a super simple change that can make a huge difference in how you walk in heels, not to mention that wearing the proper size shoes will improve your overall foot health and your walking style too.


Make sure your posture is correct; we all have been guided about our posture which needs to be correct. While walking your posture should be correct and have equal balance, also have your feet sized once a year, and do it if you’ve never had it done. Have your feet measured when you’re buying shoes, for width and for length as well. A lot of people think they’re a wide or vice versa and they’re not, so definitely do that before you shop.

Know about your foot

Know your foot type! I would suggest a podiatrist which would be the best way to know your foot type and what’s going on. If you can’t run out to the podiatrist, there’s a couple of neat ways to see if you have a flat foot or a high-arch foot. Wet your foot and step onto a piece of construction paper. When you make an impression, it will show you how much your foot is flattening or how high of an arch you have. You can look at a person’s foot type and see why they are having pain.


Take breaks and give time to stretch your foot, whenever you get time from your busy schedule remove. Give sometime to your foot for stretching and relaxing, so kick off your shoes and relax yourself.

Coverage on the top

The more coverage you have on the top of your foot, the better it is when you are walking. Sometimes high-heeled boots are actually something you can wear all day and they don’t bother your feet as much. In the summer, you can try something with an ankle strap or a big wide strap across the top. If you’re prone to blisters and friction, you might want to try that style, something that covers more of the top of your foot.

Sturdy Shoes

Look out for shoes that are rugged or have strong sole, Paper-thin soles don’t provide great support for your feet. If possible, choose a style that’s made with a more substantial material. Because sole is something that helps you walk and stand up right if that is not sturdy then you might lose the pair of shoes after a while.

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