Reasons to wear Jewelry

Reasons to wear jewelry

Jewelry is no more an ignored fashion accessory. It is much more than that. Get how jewelry came into style and why you should wear it.

In earlier times, jewelry was worn mainly as a symbol of social status. Women wore jewelry to show their wealth and status in the society. Now jewelry is much more than just a symbol of social status. Even then and now, people passed on their jewelry to their daughters and granddaughters. These heirlooms hold sentiments, emotions and a lot of value. They are too precious and close to the heart. Here are a few other reasons why you should wear jewelry:

  • Self expression – Jewelry lets you express yourself. What you wear shows your personality and your taste. A bold statement necklace will show that you are not afraid of expressing yourself and are all about standing out in the crowd. You believe in wearing eccentric and offbeat designs. A sleek minimal piece of jewelry shows that you are a woman of understated style. You wear certain pieces so often, that it becomes your signature style.
  • Liven up an outfit – Jewelry can really brighten and liven up an outfit. It adds panache to any outfit.

A simple grey t-shirt outfit got all jazzed up by adding the bling necklace and the Shimmery Bracelet. Do you see how just by adding simple pieces of jewelry, the whole outfit went from a casual day outfit to a party outfit in an instant?

  • Exude style and confidence – Fashion is all about communicating without having to speak. Wearing jewelry shows that you are confident. You know what you are and know yourself as an individual. You are not only about following fashion trends but know what will suit you and your persona.
  • Expression of love – Jewelry is a perfect gift to give to someone. It is a symbol of love. Best friends wear matching bracelets or couples wear locket pendants with pictures of each other as an expression of love. Jewelry has the power to add a little something to your look. Jewelry is an all event appropriate gift too. There is a wide variety of jewelry available and one can choose according to their taste. Fine jewelry can be given when the occasion is formal or you are gifting someone special. Fashion Jewelry is perfect for college goers as they are all about following the current trend. Fashion jewelry costs less than fine jewelry as it is made using inexpensive gemstones, crystals and metals. Beaded jewelry is very popular among men too. Beaded bracelets and Bone Beaded Pendants are a preferred choice among men.
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