Reason why you should stop using deodorant right away!

Very few of us imagine heading out in heat without putting on our favourite deodorant! Generally woman’s typical routine includes a lot of things, like shower gel, cream, moisturizer and even deodorant for that matter. This is something which she cannot skip on her routine and is something on her priority list too. Because many of us feel that it is must for us to smell good, which is a fact! Yes, you should smell good. But applying those alcoholic deodorants is not the only way to smell good; there are other ways out too.

I know it might be unimaginable for many of us to give up on deodorants completely but let me remind you that it is dangerous and is affecting your health too! There are some evidences that show and also have proved that deodorants are very harmful for our health. Due to excessive use of deodorants the businesses of deodorants have rise upto more than $18 million dollars. There are many scary consequences also of putting on a deodorant, so it is always better to put on some conventional things or natural things rather putting on these deodorants, check out what problems you might face if you use these deodorants.

•    Basically these deodorants contain oxidants, some of the chemicals found in deodorants and antiperspirants are known endocrine disruptors – such as a class of substances called parabens (listed under the names butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben). These preservatives prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast, but research shows they negatively impact the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects.

•    Ever had a bad reaction to your deodorant? I pray that you never have because it is not surprising if you get a reaction from a deodorant because ingredients like silica and triclosan are known skin irritants that can cause itchiness, rash, swelling or redness. Alcohol, parabens and artificial fragrances are also prime suspects when it comes to a deodorant-induced skin reaction. Not only is the thin skin of the armpits especially prone to allergic reactions and irritations, but the moist environment is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, making it even more important to be choosy about what you apply there.

•    Whether its white marks on a black dress or yellow stains on a white shirt, deodorant is one of the worst offenders for staining clothing. The Wall Street Journal reports that deodorant makers, detergent manufacturers, stain-removal companies, doctors and textile professors all disagree on what exactly causes the underarm staining, although many believe it’s the aluminum in the antiperspirants – just another reason to give these harsh chemicals a miss.

•    Also, they are expensive too, you can pick up a deodorant stick for a few dollars but when you can go without, or make your own all-natural version for mere cents, why waste your money on the conventional varieties? Yes, you can look out for natural products and things which you might find less expensive from deodorants.

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