Product of the Week | Handcrafted Kutch Bags

Product of the Week Handcrafted Kutch Bags

Gujarat is typically famous for garba, exquisite mirror work and decorated camels. Additionally, it is famous for it’s exotic embroidery and patchwork. There are various types of embroideries which are done in Gujarat, each type belongs to a different community.

The women of kutch stitch their own garments and decorate them with embroideries. They mastered the skills of color and compositions.

Traditionally, embroideries were largely meant for personal use and gifts.

Women's Fashion patchwork bags pieces of exquisite vintage fabric

In the patchwork bags (like the one shown above), pieces of exquisite vintage fabric are hand sown on to a cotton base with cowrie shell embellishments to form a piece of wearable art.

I am sure you love your Guccis and Pradas way too much to ditch them for these handcrafted beauties, but give these a try and you’ll not regret your decision. You can wear these bags with maxi dresses and skirts for a boho chic look.

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