Outfits for Short Girls to look tall with Right Accessories!

crop-topsMost of us are embarrassed of our body shape and size. Yes! We are but very few of us agree on that. We keep looking for tips on how we can look taller or slimmer; we ask people if we look fat or short in a particular outfit. Most of us, “Indian woman” fall under the petite group that is woman having height shorter than 5’4’’. The average height of a woman is 5’6” but most of us are fall under the same group and does not have that perfect height! But, I don’t think this is something we should be sad about.

There are some surprising fashion tips which will create an illusion of you being taller and you won’t be embarrassed anymore of your size. Also would look fashionable at the same time!

Scroll down to check these tips:
High Waist Flared Jeanimage002

Yes, these high waist bottoms looks stunning on woman and gives the viewer an illusion of long legs. If you are someone who goes for tights or jeggings, I would suggest you can pick one of these and notice the difference.

Turtle Neck Dressesimage004

These turtle neck dresses would instantly give you a longer frame , these type of turtle neck gives your overall silhouette look taller. Team up with a charming handmade fashion jewelry and you would be good to go for you day!

Small Sized Bagsimage006

Don’t go the huge size of the bag because they just hide your height from the onlookers. Small-sized cross-body bags and medium size bags can work well with your look.

Tight it upimage008

Wear tight cloths if you are losing up so that it gives an illusion of longer body frame. But remember do not over do it by wearing a really tight dress or top which does not look pleasing.

Light accessoriesimage009

Do not go for heavy jewelry, pick up a light weighted and always be careful about the design which you are choosing. A light weighted pendant or choker would be best for you ladies!

These are few tips on how you can create an illusion to people about your personality without wearing heals.

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