Mix and Match your Jewelry to upgrade your Style!

Every woman’s dream is too look classy and beautiful with the right set of combination of Clothing with a right pair of accessory. 1Styling your clothing with the correct accessories has become so much fun plus challenging as well for a woman. There are different elements from which a woman has to choose that might be about choosing a right pair of earrings or bracelet or rings.

Let’s discuss few simple tricks on how we can stay in this fashion game just by pairing it in the right way. So, that you walk out looking your best.

Accessory should match the occasion 

Now a day’s people focus on accessorizing them so much that they completely forget the occasion and the context. So, if you are in the office you cannot type with those heavy rings and wear those substantial neck pieces. That is a big ‘NO’ for all you ladies. Wear some accessory that matches the outfit and occasion that is the first point to be noted.

Focus more on the centerpieces

The centerpiece is basically the one that makes you stand out amongst the crowd. Always remember if you are wearing a baggy kind of dress or maybe a dress which you don’t like much, accessorize it with a center piece and you will notice the difference yourself.

Play with different shades

Break the monotony of wearing the same boring matching cloths with the outfit, go ahead and play with the colors. Make your look more bold and vibrant. Mix a colorful tassel neckpiece or a beaded bracelet with your outfit would give you ‘thumbs ups’ for your look.

Over accessorizing

One good rule which is always recommended can be always before going out, look yourself in the mirror and remove that one extra accessory. This can help a lot because over accessorizing is always a very common mistake which each one of us make a lot of time.

Put in different layers

Just mix your different sizes of jewelry if you want to get out of your daily boring attire. Match you big stone accessory with the thin chain or try and match with the thickness and sizes. Also you can layer your bracelets and rings.

Choose one for different attire

Each piece should be the one which can be worn with more than one outfit. An accessory should be one which can compliment with more than one outfit.

Mixing and matching things are always a fun task to do, simple tips which can be kept in mind is not to over-do it, try and work around with just one piece which would look simple and elegant at the same time. A part from this the combinations if you want to make can be endless and there are no limits for you to look beautiful.

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