Keep your haters away with adorable evil eye designs in jewelry!

If you like wearing evil eye jewelry, do not forget there are humongous designs for these jewelries. You can shut down bad energy from jealous stares with some fun evil eye jewelry. It’s thought to ward off any negativity thrown your way, and even if you don’t believe, you’ll still find such pieces to be super cute. Basically the symbol and superstition of the evil eye is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. Yet, despite the differences in the cultures which hold the evil eye myth, it retains largely the same meaning no matter where the story is told. In its most basic form, the evil eye is thought of as a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon. It is a look which clearly states that one intends for something bad to happen to the object of one’s focus, either out of jealousy or pure malice. But now you can have a cure in a stylish way, carry your jewelry in style. Evil eye jewelry is extremely popular also. In recent years many celebrities, ranging from Madonna, Britney Spears, The Olsen Twins, Mick Jagger, and Nicole Richie have been photographed wearing red Kabbalah bracelets, which are thought to be another method of protection against the evil eye.
Let us check out the different jewelry which you can consider over protection from your haters.

• Tiny chains of evil eye which helps in protection, the evil eye seems to make a lot of sense in our current world. The idea that too much fame, fortune, success, or praise can bring about one’s downfall makes, especially in celebrity culture, might reinforce the notion of the evil eye.

• Stunning evil eye bracelets, which looks instantly beautiful. Also makes you look classy at the same time. So you will be protected from evil eyes of your haters without moving out of fashion. Stay in style and protected at the same time.

• Also you can look out for evil eye rings; you can be protected as well as it will make your hands look beautiful. Also rings have different ranges and design so pick the best one for you and get dressed accordingly. A lot of celebrities also look out for such designs and look effortlessly beautiful with these designers’ rings.

• Nowadays the most trending thing going around related to evil eye is the nail paints. These nail paints look amazing and the design and the sketching gives a perfect look of an eye in the paint. These gives you nail a unique look instantly and make them attractive and noticeable also.

• Pendants of evil eye, the origin of the evil eye pendant is actually thought to be from several different places. Many cultures believe that there is a curse someone can put upon them with the evil eye that they must protect themselves from. So, these pendants were bought in and other jewelry too. They look amazing and classy.

So, these jewelry are the most popular one and also been worn by the celebrities as well. So, the evil eye still has powerful influence in modern life, pop culture, and even jewelry and design. One can be protected just by staying in style. So, I am sure you want to be one of them and be protected.

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