Jhumkis : Staple Accessory

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An Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a pair jhumkas or jhumkis. They are an essential accessory when it comes to dressing ethnic. It completes your traditional look and adds equal amount of elegance and glamour. They are not only classy but timeless. Jhumkas have an ancient history and most of the Bollywood songs have revolved around this trinket (The famous ‘jhumka gira re‘). In South India, jhumkas are known as jhimkis.

Types of Jhumkis

Antique jhumkis Online Store india

Antique jhumkas

Antique Jhumkas are generally oxidized. Being rich in look, they are perfect for night outs and evenings. They are usually heavy and it is advised not to wear it for long duration.

Antique jhumkas

Silver Jhumkas

Silver Jhumkas are the most versatile jhumkis. They look good with both western and ethnic outfits. A dainty jhumki like this is perfect for office too. If understated fashion is your style then these silver jhumkis are just what you need to have.

Antique Jhumkas Online Store india

Hoop Jhumkas

Hoop Jhumkas give you visibility without volume. Hoop jhumkas when combined with western outfits make it look high fashion and alternative.


Antique Jhumkas Online Store india

Colored Jhumkas

Colored Jhumkas are enough to add color to your ordinary outfits. Team a colored jhumki with a solid top or a neutral kurti and throw on a pair of these colored jhumkis and you are good to go.

Antique Jhumkas Online Store india

Pearl Jhumkas

Pearl Jhumkas are an instant way to add the needed sheen to your look and make you look absolutely graceful.

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Terracotta Jhumkas

Terracotta means baked earth. It is a natural clay that is mixed with water. It is then incised with patterns and motifs and let out to dry. After this is done, it is glazed for durability. Terracotta Jhumkas are a rage. The artistry done on these are appreciated by many. If you haven’t tried these jhumkas yet, then you are definitely missing out on something.

So you have just seen the wide variety of jhumkis that are there. But which one to pick?

Below are some of the tips that will help you pick just the right pair.

1) What is your face shape?

Do you have a round face or an oval face? Understand your profile.

Asymmetrical jhumkas look good on round faced women while hoop earrings with rounder bells look good on slimmer faces. The key is to know that you need to create an illusion of a slimmer face by wearing elongated earrings and create the illusion of a fuller face by adding volume to slimmer face.

2) What is the occasion?

Are you heading out for a casual ethnic day at work or to a wedding? Pick your jhumka according to the occasion.

Antique jhumkas, Kundan jhumkas and heavy gold and silver jhumkas are great when you have to attend a wedding and need to look all dolled up.

For casual days, colored jhumkas and terracotta jhumkas are appropriate.

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