Jewelry Trends for Winter : Chunky Jewelry

This season, embrace your winter wear with chunky statement jewelry. It adds a pop of color and life to your neutral and dark hued winter wear. Statement necklaces are one of the easiest options to funk up your outfits. A sweat shirt combined with a colorful statement necklace is not only comfy, but looks chic as well. You can also add cocktail rings or cuffs to jazz up your look in a jazzy. Even pendants worn long chains are a perfect accessory for those layers.

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Following are some examples of styling Chunky Fashion Jewelry with your winter outfits:

A Colorful Beaded Necklace : Do you think your outfit is perfect but lacks color? A necklace like this would be a perfect solution. The Layers of Purple necklace (shown below) will add an alluring and pleasing pop of color to your look without overpowering your outfit. You can match your shoes or bag to the necklace to complete the chic look.


A Chunky Metal Pendant: A pendant dangling from a long chain looks fascinating, peeping through your layers or blazers. The Temple Top pendant (shown below) has the perfect mix of colors, you can wear it with a huge variety of colors.


An Oversize Metal Ring: Not feeling like wearing a chunky piece of jewelry? You can simply slip on an oversized ring, like the one shown below and you’ll be good to go. The ring will keep the look understated yet chic.



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