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A necklace, whether statement or dainty, has the potential to lift up your look in a jiffy. You can wear and style the necklaces in a huge variety of ways. You can buy great designs from various Designer Jewelry Shopping Stores in India. If you are the one who has never gone beyond a pretty pair of earrings, then this post is for you. Layered jewelry always looks good, be it necklaces, bangles or rings. You just have to get some basics right to make it look. Following are some such points that may help you layer the necklaces perfectly:

Layer your Necklaces Online Shopping Store India

Forget all the rules! Go ahead and mix various tones of metal. You can always mix those metals, be it silver, gold or rose gold. The mixing of the metals will help you achieve a look that’s unique.
If you have no idea from where to start, then you can always start by combining a couple of delicate necklaces in different lengths, and once you’re comfortable with the delicate ones, you can gradually move towards the chunkier ones.

A relatively easy way to start with layering the necklaces is to buy pre-layered piece, a piece that has multiple layers but it’s a single necklace. It will free you from all the brainstorming that you have to do to put the pieces together.

Buying a pre-layered piece is an easy way out, but layering individual pieces gives you more freedom to experiment and bring out a new and unique look.

Play with various tones of metals and the different types of textures. You can also mix lengths and colors. You can also layer delicate necklaces in silver. If you’re wondering where to buy such pieces, you can always buy sterling silver jewelry online.

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