Jewelry to know about : Traditional Tibetan Jewelry


Jewelry plays a very important role in the culture of Nepal and Tibet. Jewelry is a part of a dress, a symbol of spirituality, and a part of everyday life. Tibetans do not wear jewelry just to beautify themselves. Tibetans wear their jewelry as amulets or as a kind of the bank, which is always with them. In Tibet, jewelry is also an indicator of the social status.


Tibetan jewelry is majorly crafted using stones using Tibetan silver and stones like turquoise, coral and amber. It is among the most finely crafted jewelry in the world. Tibetan people believe that coral and turquoise stones symbolize health, luck, and fortune.

Artisans in Tibet are highly skilled and have utilized the same techniques for generations to create the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The art of crafting jewelry usually runs in the family. Tibetan artists incorporate Buddhist designs in their work.  Following is the picture of a Tibetan earring, you can Buy Earrings for Girls Online.


Ghau boxes, or prayer boxes are worn as amulets that provide protection for the wearer. The box usually contains a scroll that has been specifically prepared by the priest for the wearer. Sometimes, in place of the scroll, the box also contains a gemstone which bears protective powers or even a bag of healing herbs. Following is a picture of one such Ghau box:


Whether you’re a collector or just looking for the perfect statement piece of jewelry(Buy Pendants For Girls), you’re bound to appreciate the beauty and history of Tibetan jewelry.

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