Thoughts in every guys mind before the jewelry shopping!

One of the most important parts of marriages is the clothing and jewelry shopping. The hardest decisions in these weddings are to choose which jewelry to buy for marriages or even for family gatherings. Further, what if you take along a person who has no knowledge about these jewelries and also is completely not interested in these jewelry shopping. These are the things that might be on his mind after hearing or when he is taken along for the shopping. Why do I have to come along?image002

These jewelry shopping is purely torture for us guys, we rather want to sleep at home or go for work than coming along with you for your jewelry shopping.

Why don’t you buy artificial jewelry?image004

Guys do not understand the difference between fine jewelry and artificial jewelry, so they tend to get confuse between the two and just want you to buy anything that is less expensive.

What is the cost!?image005

Who wore that stupid piece with such a high cost? What is it made of anyways, 10000 diamonds? We can feed an entire army with that amount. We definitely don’t need that, next one please!

I am no Ambani!image008

I like you anyways, even if you don’t wear this expensive jewelry. Well! That does not suit you. Leave that!

I am sure she will wear it just once!image010

Why do you have to buy this jewelry, I am sure you will not wear it! What is the need of buying it? Look at you, drop the plan let check out the new gaming session.

So, girls next time you take your guy out for jewelry shopping remember these might be the things that are going around in his head but he might not tell you and just keep that sweet smile to make you feel like he is enjoying shopping with you!

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