Jewelry Care Tips – How to Care your jewelry?

Every woman loves to flaunt her jewelry as this is one of the most special and cherished accessories to them. vc_er001188_prl_large14One always wants to understand how to protect her precious accessory, because wearing these accessories can make a lot of difference in their personality and their beauty. As these jewelries are becoming a thing of possession which a girl would love to have.

So, there is a list of do’s and don’t which is the key for every woman to follow if they love their jewelry, want to adore it for lifetime and also want to keep it clean and ready to wear;

  • After wearing your favorite accessory remember to gentle wipe off the excess makeup and skin oil, use cotton cloth only using the soft pads of your fingers.
  • Keep your jewelry in a box which have certain compartments and dividers or even if you are using your usual box, don’t forget to wrap it individually in a soft tissue.
  • Never try to clean a damaged jewelry because it might worsen the problem. If the jewelry is broken, it should be set aside for repairing.
  • When having your jewelry cleaned professionally, it can be good idea to have each item checked for any possible problems. Addressing any signs of damage, or loose gemstones will prevent any further damage or loss and keep all of your pieces in excellent shape for years.
  • In order to maintain the shiny and new looking effect of the jewelry you can always use 100% cotton as a polishing cloth since other fabric contain wood, fibers and synthetic.
  • The most important point is that one should always remove their ring or fine accessory before using any product that contains bleach. Also when you are going for swimming pools or bathing in hot tubs,
  • Give your gemstones special care, many woman get there colored gemstone the routine treatment but this can also create a negative impact on the jewelry because it might be affected by heat, solvent or ultrasonic cleaners.
  • If you are fond of colorful gemstones, then clean those accessories with warm water, mild dish soaps with no detergent and a soft brush.
  • Also soft gems such as pearl can get a scratch while cleaning use a new, clean makeup brush and warm or soapy water and clean them softly.
  • While you are traveling do not forget to keep your jewelry in a separate box or a bag safely.

vc_er001145_org_large5Also I would suggest that one can get a free check up of their jewelry as there are many jewelry stores provide free check up or professional cleaning of the jewelry. So, keeping your jewelry collection organized and clean is not that difficult and I hope these recommendations can help for all the jewelry lovers.

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