Jewellery That Will Make You Stand Out

Everyone wants to be unique today, look different and not be a part of the crowd.1-head-chain-jewellery-that-will-make-you-stand-out If you are the rebel kind and have the urge to go right when everyone is going left, these are the pieces that will help you do so. You can buy fashion accessories online easily and look like an absolute boss.


1. Head Chain

Head Chain - Jewellery That Will Make You Stand Out

It is said to be a mix between the traditional maang tikka and a bohemian look. It is the ultimate casual look that will make you stand out. It is basically chains in different colors and designs which are unique and can give you a completely different look. It can be double chained which drape across the forehead or have coins or bells attached from them. It can go well with traditional outfits as well. If you have a jewellery blog, this needs to be a feature advice on it.


2. Midi Rings

Midi Rings - Jewellery That Will Make You Stand Out

This is the latest trend that is going round the block. These are rings that right in the middle of the finger, above the knuckles. These are made smaller than the common ring sizes and are based in metal. They are generally gold or silver plated and come in absolutely adorable designs. Most of the jewellery blogs are talking about these sorts of rings and are highly recommending it.


3. Anklet

Anklet - Jewellery That Will Make You Stand Out

This is a trend that never goes old. We all love it, we all wear it and we all flaunt it. It did go on a hold after the Iast summer. It’s time to get it back and that too in full swing.

  • It’s a great piece to wear in summers as you flaunt your legs.
  • They will go perfectly with your sandals, flats or even heels.
  • You can buy fashion accessories like these online very easily and stand out.


4. Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs - Jewellery That Will Make You Stand Out

These are the trendiest pieces available in the market as of now. These come in various designs, like pieces that are elaborate and are worn behind the ear, or with chains and jewels hanging. There are dragons and wings and leaf motifs; the designs and styles are endless and insanely chic and will go with any and every attire possible.

You can buy designer jewellery online and choose from multiple options.


5. Collar Necklace

Collar Necklace - Hollywood Celebrities Jewellery That Will Make You Stand Out

If you are a person who like going all out and look fabulous in the trends that are upcoming, this is your thing. Collar necklaces are basically pieces that are made to be worn with collar shirts. They are designed that way, in which the main part of the necklace is visible in between the collar and the rest is under them. They are generally made of metal with designs or stones fitted but can also be found in leather or felt.

Most jewellery blogs say that they can be worn with no collars as well, there is no such restriction.


6. Belly Chain

Belly Chain - Jewellery That Will Make You Stand Out

This is something not everyone is comfortable with and trys to avoid. But if you are a risk taker and willing to flaunt your belly in crop tops, belly shirts and bikinis, this is the perfect piece for you.


As the name suggests these are basically metal chains worn around the belly and not the waist. It can have added charms in it or just be a plain simple chain. But you need to be absolutely comfortable in showing off your belly, if you wear this and are uncomfortable you can wear a bit elaborate pieces over your clothes as well, after you buy fashion accessories like these online or from wherever you like.

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