It is time to get ready with your spring wardrobe!

     Finally it is time to say bye-bye to your woolen clothing and open your bags for your spring collection! Spring is a season of colors, and who doesn’t love this colorful season? Well, we all do! We all love playing with colors and wearing colorful cloths! Not like a disatrous color combination but yes, a great combination of colors. Now, that the winters are no more in the picture then you do not have to worry about wearing those heavy knitted woolen cloths instead now you can simply look out for cloths that are not heavy or woolen. So, look out for colorful cloths instead and get ready with your high heels this spring! If you’re most comfortable in winter’s blacks and grays, no need to jump right in to bright spring colors right away. Start by adding a bright jewelry or accessory in a color that you love, then add a few more pieces in that same color as it gets deeper into spring. By doing this you will not actually directly jump into spring but gradually get used to the weather because this is the only weather that allows you to play with colors.


Get ready with your colorful bottom this season, enough of your blue and black color jeggings and jean. This time look out for some other classy colors like mauve, pink, yellow, etc. These colors also look good specially in this season this is whats in, presently. So, girls grab a oppulent jean and pair it with a chic top over it to look astounding. But remember playing with colors can also make you look like a fashion disaster at time so remember not to over do it. Keep it simple and stylish.

Now, this is the time to bring out your white jean. Yes, we talk about colors but wearing a white jean and pairing it over a classic baby pink or mauve or bright color top will make you look fabulous.

Layering Up

In spring season, generally weather is quite chilly in the morning and its quite sunny in the afternoon. So, wear something which can help you look good in the morning as well as in the afternoon when it is sunny. You can simply layer it up with a light weight jacket or a shrug and when you feel hot or if it is sunny outside then you can simply remove it and still look stylish and classy!

Drop the layers slowly

When you instantly take out you skirts and short dresses and start wearing all of a suddenly then it could be quite awkward for you. So, what you can do is simply drop the layers slowly like if one day it is sunny then you can move out in a sleevless tee and then the coming days as the temperature rises you can wear a adorable classy dress maybe a flower print and head out with your glasses in style.


Shoes are something that can really change the look of your outfit totally. You can simply pick up the best out of your collection and start matching those. You will want to save peep-toe shoes for late spring, when the weather really warms up. In the meantime, though, an ankle strap or sling back shoe transitions well in March and April. You can wear high heel with you flower print and trust me you won’t go wrong with these two.


Most importantly how can we forget out scarfs? Accessories can completely change your look, taking a drab winter outfit to a cheery spring ensemble. If your winter clothes are all dark or neutral, add a pop of color with a scarf. They would instantly look good with a peppy color outfit. Even with a dark coat, a bright scarf next to the face transforms the look and makes it look springier.

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