Infinity Jewellery: A Latest Trend that We cannot Miss

We are so fond of wearing jewellery. The outfit does not seem complete to us without the glitter of it. We are also passionate about following the latest styles of accessorizing. One of the hottest trends of 2017, the infinity pendants, rings and bracelets are increasingly being adopted by women of all age groups with their everyday clothes. The little jewelry motif has become a big fashion statement in less time.

But what does the symbol actually symbolize and what are the reasons behind the popularity of infinity jewelry? In general terms, the symbol can be understood as something that has no end, meaning to say that it is unlimited. No number would be sufficient enough to express a particular idea or thing in numbers. It would indeed be interesting to know that the admirable symbol was named lemniscate by the English mathematician, John Wallis. He wanted to create a symbol to represent a sum which would be larger than any possible number.

The Celtic knot features two intertwined loops which have no beginning or end. The endless nature of it signifies a state of eternity. The equal sizes of the loops anticipate balance in life. The knot promises positivity by representing an everlasting bond of relationship with loved ones. It symbolizes that the hope and faith for a blissful life will never end. Just like the meaning behind it is so beautiful, the prepossessing look of these inspiring ornaments is no less.

The most wonderful aspect about infinity jewels is that these are versatile and can be customized easily with clothes of multiple kinds, irrespective of what the occasion is. Be it the occasion of Mother’s Day, a friend’s birthday or any anniversary, these loyal pieces are also great for gifting purposes. They can be personalized with the loved one’s name and even short messages can be engraved onto them to make the gift more special.

A combination of the infinity motif and the Celtic cross is also making a divine contribution to the fashion trend. The holy symbol of cross has been inspiring our lives with its pious structure. The infinity motif adds eternity to the glory of God, thereby, adding more to the spiritual meaning of cross.

Wearing jewellery always gives us a special feeling and makes our moments more exciting. But this feeling becomes more significant to us when we get to know that every piece we wear has a story behind it.

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